Saga of the Luna Slayer – Fenrys Hjolda!



Saga of the Luna Slayer – Fenrys Hjolda!


“Fenrys, today, day 7 after the first Heretic arrived, 42nd Millennium,

At the heart of Valgard, in the Chamber of the Annulus, thunder rolled. Five giant Jarls of the Sky Warriors and flickering holographs of another three leading the Void Combat around Fenris debated the strategy fiercely. Massive slabs of stone, each section the size of a Land Raider. The Jarls were flanked by their Wolf Guard. Behind them, Priests and Skjalds stood silentvigil. A circle with 12 sections and one. One erased of markings and empty for ten millenia.

But not today. Today stood Vosla Helclaw, called Slayer, called Threadtaker, now called Hjolda on the blank, 13th slice of the Annulus. Yet in these end of times that didn’t qualify as the most malificarum. That would be the brass and glass construction at the centre of the debate, frosted hunk of ancient Martian Majik. Protected inside it’s triple aversion and stasis enginery laid the head. Chilling granite of the Aett stood witness to the Saga of the Threadtaker. Tremors from the constant orbital bombardment underlying it’s significance.

On the first day, the Orbital stations and the Aett had woken to warnings of the Rune Priests and the horns of war. Strike cruiser Voidlax of Rhuncir Gorevlkae’s Great Company broke from the warp with a massive Traitor Fleet in pursuit. Battle barges “Lupercal” and “First Among Equals” led dozens of Traitor vessels from the Eye of Terror and the Fenrys grid immediately engaged them. The entire sky was on fire. This void combat still raged on with the fresh arrival of two more Great Companies finally starting to turn the tide.

The Wolf King waging war in distant stars had not been reached and on the 3rd day the decision to awaken the Fellhanded was reached. 

Months, Days, Years, who knows for the Immaterium. Jarl Gorevlkae’s scout vessels had found the lair of the Despoiler, First Captain of the Black Legion. As communication from the Eye was shut, the Balewolf, called Executioner, Jarl Gorevlkeae – the Radical, attacked the devil’s nest. Murdermake for the ages ensued. Balewolf and his wolf guard fought the Despoiler and his Chosen at the heart of the Daemon world. The Sky Warriors suffered grievous casualties as the Daemon Kin came to their Protegees aid. A full half of the great company was lost that day. But with the ranks of Unborn Malificarum came something else. Something perhaps more sinister slipped through the veil of realms, as if Fenrys’s nightmare echo in the warp had unleashed itself on the traitors. Ulfamaður!, death dealers, furious, hulking beasts that moved unnaturally fast and tore in to the traitor retinue. 

Jarl Gorevlkeae fought Abaddon in a titanic blizzard of swordsmanship until from the midst of the Wulfen a ghost, a shadow of space grey leaped. Vosla Helclaw, called Slayer, called Threadtaker, scout executioner of Russ and the 13th, cartwheeled behind the Despoiler, and the Skjalds will have to do this momentuous event the justice it deserves. Vosla executed the first heretic. 

And thus stood alone Vosla Helclaw, called Slayer, called Threadtaker, now called Hjolda on the blank, 13th slice of the Annulus. His meteorite black eyes flicking between the  arguing Jarls.”





Rhuncir Gorevlkae, called Lord Balewolf, Jarl, and his thunderwolves


“It was like thunder cavalry, a tidal wall of death, daemon wolves of black and grey, even an albino amongst them. The beasts were the size of Land Speeders and probably just as fast. With them ran Balewolf the Sky Warrior. Half Astartes, half Death.” 




Vosla Helclaw, called Slayer, called Threadtaker, Called Hjolda, 1st Scout

Ristan Uhl Wyrdhammar, Wolf Guard

Ullste Jungchrot, Void Claw

Rerthung Uhl , called Beast. Void Claw

Borg Gaard, Wulfen

Alfgeir, Wulfen


Hjarkor Rödmoon, called Lord Hjar, Battle Leader

Heordoth Martian, Iron father 

Galeg, called Rödhair, Wolf Guard 

Arni Uhl Greyewintr, Wolf Guard 

Ola Rost, Void Claw 

Niilor, The Haunted, Void Claw 



Thrar Wargjeger, Wolf guard Scout



Thorwald Wintrmaw,  Grey Hunter 



Bone Crafters & Flesh Weavers

“Animal skulls appeared from the darkness. Some horned, massive, floating, some beaked and eloquent, some with wolf features. Black clad men with scissor hands, butcher knives, and sickening apparatus for weaving bone and making flesh. The only human skulls floated around the sinister zoonarium – as if decapitated from the men and borne with malificarum.  The laboratorium smelt of chemicals, gore and iron. 

Suddenly the floating skulls froze in unison and a bigger figure appeared. This one was a hulking giant in armor of blackness. It made not a single sound. It, he, was draped in a massive reptilian skin. A massive Kraken’s skull watched over his shoulder as the giant silently stared from a sickening mask of skin, or leather that wasn’t his own and looked like it had been crafted purposefully to evoke terror.  The flesh maker had come to greet his visitors.” 



Ranulf, called Mastodon, Venerable



Jokkum, Af Darkjess, Iron Priest



The Rout





34 thoughts on “Saga of the Luna Slayer – Fenrys Hjolda!

  1. Aarrggh this is too awesome… allt he primarchs conversions are simply too awesome. Sorry I am going “full retard” here, I just have so many I deas and I dont have your skills to make such conversions. I have the inquisitpr model Brother Artemis, I am getting all sorts of ideas with him now 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jens. These are definitely learned skills, just takes the courage to start chopping stuff up and putting it together in new ways, learning every step of the way 🙂


    1. Thank you my friend. Means a ton. You defined Space Wolves miniature imagery at a time, and it’s amazing to be doing my version now and to have your support. I’m childishly excited about your path with the Green Mechanicvm and seeing these two epic forces of nature do battle on amazing terrain one day!


    1. Mikko, WOW, thanks! I think we don’t necessary share our opinions with the Iron Sleet crew enough. 4 Artists brought together through mutual respect and shared ambitions and it really is the ultimate compliment to get for this madness project. Thanks 🙂 Very very much looking forward to your return splash, the WIPs have been mighty promising.


  2. Talking about doing justice to the great Adeptus Astartes! That large group picture looks like a Kopinski painting, just effin epic. Each model has character and impeccable look. Love the contrast armour, skin, hair and furs create between metallics and the new colour of the bases.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, when I arranged these guys out, and was snapping a way. That was the mental leap I also made. I think this is the first time my work has really captured that scale, detail, rawness that Danton and Kopinski capture in their art, that was the initial kick into scaling Marines I build more than 10 years ago! I’m excited to add Vehicles, more big dreadnoughts, and more tiny humans to expand this imagery.

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  3. Brilliant. I love the grey of the armour across the whole group, I would like to know how you achieved it. I think my favourite is the Blood Claw, but the others, especially the one based on Horus, are very impressive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. Grey scheme is fairly simple, black primer, two successive airbrushed greys, chipping with dark grey, and this dark khaki hued oil paint to build the depth and dirt, before sealing with matte coat. I do a little light grey highlights, but very ver sparingly, very strategically where it matters and where i want to capture the eye.

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  4. These are wonderful. This is my first comment here, although i’ve been following for awhile. This site has inspired me to create my own story driven project. I dream of these types of narrative projects but i can’t seem to find anyone interested in these types of pursuits.
    Do you intend to play these in a game? If so, how do you actually play them? Are all the primarch figures “counts as” terminators i think you mentioned somewhere, or are the non-horus primarchs regular space marines?
    What “rules” do you use for the humans in the army.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Paul. Really this blog, it’s primary goal was to inspire others to go do their thing, and add to this amazing universe. To really celebrate the hobby and the company and the few remaining giants that created it. So thanks for sharing that.

      I absolutely will play the game. Have played the game with each and every army and group of miniatures I’ve made. I will post an army list soon to describe it better, but essentially I have a squad of terminators, a squad of Wulfen, a few squads of scouts (humans) with wolf guard leaders (astartes) and this whole force is a single detachment using the Champions of Fenris rules. What doesn’t fit in are the Myrmidon Centurions that would with some more scouts and the iron priest be an add on Sentinels of Mars (Terra) group. So there, even the army building is a small exercise of creativity.


  5. Your Rout is inspiring!! The VI has been the only Astartes I’ve ever collected since third Ed. I’ve been passionately waiting for the Forgeworld….. But seeing this post I have inspiration…. Now to wait for. MK III plate….

    I love your army!

    Question, in your squads…., your scouts have those inverted legs? Yikes those are awesome!! I can’t even understand how you did that! They look incredible!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Just want to say that this is one of the best things I have seen ever 🙂

    There’s so much potential in Space Wolves to make them really, truly alien as a culture. The models, and moreover the writing behind them captures this in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Truly inspiring stuff 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. After I initially commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and from now
    on every time a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    Is there a means you can remove me from that service? Cheers!


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