Spyke Head

It has been a while since my last input to Iron Sleet. Fear not, I’ve not been completely useless.

Here’s a new illustration I finished this evening – I call her Spyke Head. This one, like the previous illustrations I’ve done, is yet another study of John Blanche’s amazing Voodoo Forest booklet. The size is approx A5.

Spyke Head by Kari Hernesniemi

13 thoughts on “Spyke Head

  1. Cracking stuff! You’ve developed a style which reminds me of John Blanche’s earlier work. An almost pointalist approach to ink work. Many years ago I used to own a copy of Warhammer 1st edition, the one with the Chaos Warrior knocking the bonce off a skeleton on the box. I think I actually bought it at the time, just so I could own that picture πŸ™‚


    1. Cheers monkeyballistic. You must mean the classic Harry the Hammerer cover. I think that is one of the foundation images of the Warhammer style.


  2. Ah voodoo forest is a later work – you can check it out on mi Facebook page …… great stuff Kari – love the face ….


    1. Alas, I’m not on Facebook, but an image search of “John Blanche Voodoo Forest” produced wonderful things … and linked me back to Ironsleet πŸ˜€

      And, indeed, Kari’s art is gorgeous. It makes me want to pick up my own pencil that I last put down some twenty years ago.


    2. Thanks John!

      There’s an incredible richness in both details and contrast in your work that is way beyond my skills. I think I still need to train my technique and patience with those things in my mind.


  3. That’s a terrific picture – I wish I could draw like that! It’s strangely subtle, too. The more you look at it, the more details you see. I like the mysterious rather than full-on grotesque feel.


  4. Incredible Kari. I am really astounded by how you are able to portray characters. This beautiful lady looks as if she could have walked straight out of a Crataegus mansion…


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