Monochrome Voodoo

It seems like everytime I promise something is coming soon, it always ends up taking months. So was the case with my Voodoo Forest warband. It’s still not fully painted and it’s certainly wont be finished any time soon, but atleast it had moved an inch towards the right direction. 

John Blanche is an Artist with ability to tell stories with imagery that really resonates with all those dark dreams and things we are afraid of. Yet they are not filled with horros and death but  more like baroque, almost romanticized vision of them. At least that is how I have always felt it.

This warband was about me trying tho channel those vibes of his recent Voodoo Forest series of drawings into miniature form. 

Hope you see what I was after and enjoy the following.


20 thoughts on “Monochrome Voodoo

  1. Very nice work! Particularly like the tree (that nest! such a nice touch!) – I made something similar myself a couple of years ago but didn’t have the skills then to pull off something of this quality. Loving the skull-headed Slaaneshi dame as well, just worked out what you used to make the dress – very clever!


  2. These are amazing. The tree-things perfectly capture the movement of the artwork, and the skull-headed baroness is absolutely killer. I love how her bustle has become like a pack of sorts for all of the detritus she’s collected.


  3. I’m touched I really am – can’t wait to see them painted – book is voodoo forest – A5 print run 100 – for fiends and family – all gone – I love books but cannot afford to publish properly – I see illustrations as a series describing an imaginary world ……

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    1. Thank you John, that special book really worked like a navigation tool through the Voodoo Forest for me. Every detail was there in those pages, so all I really needed to do was to draw that red line between them and these happened;)

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  4. Exceptional work! John Blanche is just an endless pit of inspiration and the reason I got into the hobby all those years ago. Love the clever use of bits and the flow you have achieved through out the group. Bet the paint job will be just as inspired 🙂


  5. These models just overflow with character. I especially like the tree spider. I hate to be “that guy,” but it looks like there are a bunch of mold lines left on some of the models. Perhaps some of them will be scraped away before painting begins in earnest?


  6. I feel really priviliged to have a copy of the Voodoo Forest book.

    It’s nice to see someone attempt to realise this stuff in 3D. Very cool.


  7. Some of the most evocative and pure awesome work from you for a long time Mikko. Thank god you are working again – this is so wonderfully full of dark, boreal, thorny, mossy brilliance.

    A fitting tribute to the Great Illuminator! John must be proud!



  8. That is a stunning interpretation of the artwork, excellent as always. It expresses how I feel at the moment about the winter here in Britain! My favourite touches are the tree itself – based on the yew, I guess, an ancient and mystical tree – and the base work. And of course the macabre teddy, ha! My only slight doubt is over the skull head for the main character, I dare to say it but it almost feels like a lazy option, when what is really wanted is a ‘skull-like’ emaciated head with a very thin layer of skin, near-death rather than actually dead? Still, brilliant either way.


  9. All the big words I feel when I see this has been said here already. You managed the almost impossible task of building the bridge between the pages and the real world. I especially love the tree and how you have managed to make it feel like an entity and a feeling of movement.

    Just wow! Looking forward to the paints.


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