Pilgrym in Memoriam I – Gratitude

Thank you,

This entry starts with gratitude. Immense gratitude to Games Workshop, the company we grew up with, the miniatures and the worlds we discovered quarter a century ago as kids. 25 years later I am staring at a White Dwarf article and fresh images from the Warhammer World museum with a surreal sense of the same magical wonder and excitement that I felt first finding the hobby. I think of John, his incredible talent, productivity – how his work shaped our visions from the beginning to this day –  and his kindness and the friendship we have enjoyed for many years. I think of our gang of creatives, each with a peculiar obsession (passion with curiosity) to this hobby. I think of everyone here who’s support and excitement fueled the adventure. And all I can say is thank you.

Special thanks to Matt and his White Dwarf team for incredibly thorough, beautiful coverage that we’ve just seen the first part of. Thanks to Tim and to the Warhammer World museum team for stellar display of the tables and miniatures. During the game we had Alan, Jes, and John all there for a little bit. The triumvirate of creativity that has been so central to Games Workshops success. Thank you!

When I first had an idea for Pilgrym pretty much exactly a year ago (revealed in January 2016 The Pilgrym reveal ), and fired an email to John and PDH to discuss, then the whole gang, no-one, none of us certainly, could have imagined the adventure and impact that it would have. From CNC cutting Cathedral stairs to the hundreds of miniatures produced. To everyone else out there looking to enjoy the hobby through the richness of the best art, best literature, wildest imagination, and most crazy miniatures… to magical collaboration, I hope we’ve showed you one way to celebrate it and you’ll take it and make it yours, and inspire us in turn. Amazing events have already emerged, from the Los Angeles’ “Curse of the Alabaster” to Helsinki’s “Outgard”.

There will be a Pilgrym spin-off game in January, while we mastermind a far bigger undertaking, the expedition to the Thorn Moons and it’s sinister forest hives. Plan is to take this insanity to Warhammer 40000 and army scale. I hope 🙂

Thank you,


If you have a chance. Go visit the museum. And get your White Dwarf!



20 thoughts on “Pilgrym in Memoriam I – Gratitude

  1. A totally fitting culmination to such an inspiring endeavour. Seeing so many of the people who drew me back into a hobby I’d given up nearly thirty years ago, collaborating on the Pilgrym has been a total delight. Long may you continue.

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  2. Congratulations once again to all the Pilgryms – and of course thanks for the inspiration you’ve provided to so many people around the world. Wish I could go to Warhammer World to see the display in person but alas it’s too far away. Good luck in the Thorn Moons, there’ll be an awful lot of us cheering you on from the shadows!

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  3. Throne! That’s an amazing looking article. I’ve never bought a single issue of White Dwarf but I’m about to.

    Thank you, all of you, for making this Pilgrymmage public. I can’t even begin to describe how awestruck I am by all of these incredible miniatures. Indescribable conversions, breathtaking painting. A gaming board the like of which I have never seen, or even imagined.

    You folks are the cutting edge of the hobby, to be sure. Well deserved recognition.

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  4. The WD article fueled my enthusiasm to learn about your project. My awed compliments.

    For someone who got into the hobby late but is really into narrative skirmish, could you point me towards a rough understanding of how the actual game progresses? Is it similar to some game system I could read about or completely unique collaboration of your efforts?

    Thank you for inspiration and hard conquest.

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  5. Such an awe inspiring project. I visited WHW this week and stared at the Pilgrym exhibit for ages. They told me to try to find an assassin model on the huge 40k board. I had a quick look then went back to stare at Pilgrym some more.

    I finally get it. ‘Blanchitsu’, (or whatever is the politically correct term for it is!) just fell into place. 7 months to create one spectacular game. Unique, artistic, individual, epic. It just spoke to me.

    Thank you for the inspiration. Fetch me my glue and cutters now!!

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  6. Still wonder where you get all your creative juices from. It’s just a fantastic range of artistic interpretation you’ve all dragged out of your minds and brought to life.

    What rules did you actually use to play Pilgrim? Was it modified Kill Team rules or something?


  7. The guy that explored the Black Ships and created an Inquisitorial group was a such an inspiration to me! great work all


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