New Lamp! – And Some More Cutthroats

Guess what… I decided to buy a new desk lamp, yay! Seriously, this is the second biggest investment in to my hobby corner and therefor it’s a good reason to celebrate.

For quite a long time I’ve been strugling with bad lighting at my desk. It’s one of the key things when you paint, so this time I decided to invest a bit more than just a round-trip to Ikea. So I ordered Daylight’s Triple Bright Lamp, the very same that Mikko also has.

Even though this one is HUGE compared to my previous lamp, it’s a beauty!


Of course I had some minor problems just when the thing arrived to me yesterday. I ordered the lamp from, and since it’s a British electronics, they are a bit different to ours.

Very British problems…
…Overcome with a help of an adapter!

I’ve yet to test the thing in real action. Meanwhile I took some test shots of my three finished Carroburg Cutthroats and I must say the light is amazing. Enjoy!



13 thoughts on “New Lamp! – And Some More Cutthroats

  1. Congratulations on your new lamp! I have been using that very lamp for the last few year, and it is fantastic. While certainly a little expensive, I think investing in a good light is one of the best things a hobbyist can do, as it helps with virtually everything. I hope you enjoy it!

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  2. Cool lamp, but really who cares? I came here for those cutthroats!!! Goodness gracious are they beautiful! The football in particular is really gorgeous. Also I can tell that the turf isn’t just any ol’ static grass. I’m a huge fan of each piece.

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