New Lamp! – And Some More Cutthroats

Guess what… I decided to buy a new desk lamp, yay! Seriously, this is the second biggest investment in to my hobby corner and therefor it’s a good reason to celebrate.

For quite a long time I’ve been strugling with bad lighting at my desk. It’s one of the key things when you paint, so this time I decided to invest a bit more than just a round-trip to Ikea. So I ordered Daylight’s Triple Bright Lamp, the very same that Mikko also has.

Even though this one is HUGE compared to my previous lamp, it’s a beauty!


Of course I had some minor problems just when the thing arrived to me yesterday. I ordered the lamp from, and since it’s a British electronics, they are a bit different to ours.

Very British problems…
…Overcome with a help of an adapter!

I’ve yet to test the thing in real action. Meanwhile I took some test shots of my three finished Carroburg Cutthroats and I must say the light is amazing. Enjoy!



22 thoughts on “New Lamp! – And Some More Cutthroats

  1. Congratulations on your new lamp! I have been using that very lamp for the last few year, and it is fantastic. While certainly a little expensive, I think investing in a good light is one of the best things a hobbyist can do, as it helps with virtually everything. I hope you enjoy it!

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  2. Cool lamp, but really who cares? I came here for those cutthroats!!! Goodness gracious are they beautiful! The football in particular is really gorgeous. Also I can tell that the turf isn’t just any ol’ static grass. I’m a huge fan of each piece.

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  3. Got the same lamp and i am super-happy with it although it does get a bit warm after a while…
    but as said, great light and a good investment!

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  4. Looking forward to play bloodbowl sometime in the distant future. Tried two games during weekend and it’s very fun!


  5. I finally purchased a new lamp as well, and can’t recommend it enough. I had a small adjustable LED lamp Ikea, and while it was okay…”upgrading” to a multi-position swivel lamp with a Daylight bulb made a big difference. Even if you don’t get a really nice lamp, it’s definitely worth it to invest in a daylight bulb.

    I’ll have to check out the particular lamp you got though, it looks like you’re probably getting light from multiple angles, which you can’t really do with a single bulb.


  6. I was wondering what paints u use I really like
    A lot of your cooler choices on your mods
    My family just bought me the games workshop
    Super duper mega paint set there is so many colors don’t know we’re to start


  7. I disappeared for a longtime but I’m delighted to see that the spikey rat pack has evolved into a truly inspiring collective keep up the inspirational work.

    PS The Chaos Manifesto is alive once again and drawing Inspiration from you and your friends here in the Iron Sleet.


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