Anax The Venerated, Dreadnought, 20th Legion Astartes

“We are the slayers of gods, the destroyers of worlds, bringers of doom and death in all its forms. These things we do in the name of the Emperor and in the defense of Mankind. Hydra Dominatus”

– Forgotten Ghost





13 thoughts on “Anax The Venerated, Dreadnought, 20th Legion Astartes

  1. Really nice work on the dreadnought. i have to admit that I really wasn’t sure about the new dread when I first saw it. I had the same reaction to the Repulsor vehicle too. Both have grown on me though and I’m starting to like them a lot. The dread looks a lot different with the front armour left off too. I definitely prefer it that way.

    Painting wise, it’s top notch. It totally compliments the style of your sicaran. Lovely work!

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  2. The first time I saw the new dreadnought on the GW website, I didn’t realize its size. By the Emperor, this big daddy is huge! Now, I have an another reason to restart my Astartes army.

    I agree with MonkeyBallistic, this model seems so different without the front armour. It is far better without it.

    And as always, your paint work is phenomenal. Your army have definitively a strong visual identity and coherence. Bravo!

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  3. You made a lot out of this. The ghost-like look you give these is simply delightful!
    Still (just my opinion of course) it’s not a well designed model. It does only look cool when viewed from front. But I must admit I’ve not seen it in real life yet.

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  4. I love how you take the best from your previous exploration of the XX, the Vlka Fenryka and the new Primaris range and bring it to another level!

    The Anax Dreadnought is a brilliant enhancement of the new Redemptor…keeping both height of the new and subtle shape of the old. Stunning!

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  5. Many thanks for all the kind words guys. No space marine army feels complete without a dreadnought. And I’m super happy with the new kit with the considerable but subtle adjustments I made to armor and posing. It’s such a beast and finally fits the Dainton artwork where the Ultramarine Chaplain is administering the ranks and the dreads are just hulking behemoths!

    “Reivers” are next. The most ambitious plan yet. To be able to build a squad of 5 strong heroic individuals, bare of all insignia and markings, each a distinct individual seemingly capable of leading the unit. Hydra theme.


  6. I had been idly thinking of running my Alpha Legion as a Raven Guard counts-as, and I think this might have just sealed the deal. The Redemptor looks just fantastic in their scheme. Great work, dude!

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