Red Corsairs – Blood Red Tide

Traitor Legionnaires

“Burn. Burn the ship. Burn the pathetic weaklings with it, alive.”



I team

Ragal Gair, Champion of the Fleet
Gashkyt the Skinner, Brother Astartes, Standard Bearer

Mathias Agusto, Brother Astartes
Carac ‘Two Skulls’ Kyres, Brother Astartes
Brom Rorak, Brother Astartes



II team

Jarin Thios, Quartermaster
Albinus Skullsword, Brother Astartes
Djirix Grai, Brother Astartes
Jasus Kyrameon, Brother Astartes
Galgaliel Sides, Brother Astartes



III team

Elia Ygon, Master Bosun
Ka’leva Rotshard, Brother Astartes
Goretooth, Brother Astartes
Darsius Vein, Brother Astartes
Gazardiel the Crusher, Brother Astartes




Cristos Savacius, Weapon Master (Dreadnought) – Murderer of the Prophets, Butcher of Ere’gaz




“X marks the Moon”



35 thoughts on “Red Corsairs – Blood Red Tide

  1. Wow.

    It’s amazing to finally see your corsairs turn into a fully fledged army – where every miniature retains the personality and badassery of those first conversions, made many moons ago. Congratulations Kari!

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    1. Thank you, Johan! Focusing on doing characters instead of an army of nonames was one of the main ideas I had in my mind in the first place. That, and a vision of them having a last stand in Crimson Fists style, against the deadly environment they’ve hit.


      1. I bet. But it’s all worth it. The results speak for themselves. You’ll have to have some proper motivational music going when doing the Land Raider. Eye of the Tiger style. Ha hahaa!! 😉

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    1. Thank you! I have a motto for to quality that goes like this “There’s table-top quality and then there’s the quality I aim at, and it’s without the table”…

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  2. Excellent, excellent work.

    I said back a few months ago that while these guys definitely weren’t Imperial Marines any more, they weren’t quite Chaos yet either. This is only more obvious now that we can see them all together. All violence and murder, the purpose for which they were created, yet enslaved to no lord. The external grime and deterioration reflects the inner corruption.

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    1. Thank you!

      You pinpointed the exact thing that I’ve had in my mind from the very beginning of doing these guys. The overly chaotic looks of the most CSM is ok to me, but I wanted these guys to stand out with simple yet effective visual coherency.

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  3. These guys are absolutely stunning. I’ve been following their genesis avidly and it’s brilliant to see them all come together!

    Out of interest, how many points is your force? I’ve been nudging towards having a serviceable mob of Crows to loiter around Migs’ Vlka Fenryka but I’m jealous of your points-to-model ratio! 😉

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    1. Thank you!

      I don’t have any clues about the points… If they are being played as Primaris marines, you can count Ragal Gair as Captain character, Jarin Thios and Elia Ygon as Lieutenants, Gashkyt the Skinner as Ancient and the rest as regular Intercessor Primaris. Cristos Savacius counts as Primaris Redemtor, probably…


  4. Ouch ! The BEST renegade Space Marines i have ever seen !

    Congrats for this project and they remind me the one made by Mr John Blanche in the 2nd ed Chaos Codex.

    Stunning !!

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  5. Really nice work on the conversions (goes without saying really) but it’s the richness of the colours that always does it for me here – the quality of the red and the black is just sublime.

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    1. Thank you! I’m thinking of adding some more details for the banner. The skull and scroll combo does look a bit dull… Maybe crossed bones running behind the skull.

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  6. This makes me soooo happy Kari! To see a growing army of Marine Pirates bound for the Thorn Moons…couldnt ask for more.

    I can’t wait to see the red next to the green of the Crataegus Legionnaires!

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  7. Incredible stuff mate! Particular favourites are the almost desaturated yet amazingly contrasted red and those sick drawings! Молодец!

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