+ The Oathborn of Hawkshroud +

+ Duke Fabian, Oathborn, Covenant of Krastellan, Av Hawkshroud+


+ Sir Bartholomeus, Oathborn, Penitent of Krastellan, Av Hawkshroud +

Oath-indebted to The Specialist








2 thoughts on “+ The Oathborn of Hawkshroud +

  1. These are so exquisite!

    As Oathbound they fit incredibly well into the narrative of the Specialist and their size is a great step upwards in scale without ruining the scale relation to the rest of the Untold completely. Soooo grateful for the daylight images in high res. You have convinced me to get a set of these for the Crataegus Legion, where I am now focussing primarily on the Elder Ones onboard Melancholia…imagine some of these walking the mostly empty hallways of the Arkk! Cant wait to dig in 🖤

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