+ Saint Carmine Av Cretelle De Helican +

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

St. Catherine of Siena, Ancient Terran




This one was an adventure.

One of those models that I knew I wanted to build instantly upon seeing the preview pictures of this gorgeous ⛈ Storm Cast kit. Her massive size remaining a concern, I thought she might be one of those relatively rare builds I like, but never paint, never find a home for. My son is painting a red Eldar army and to demonstrate a range of techniques and to make sure I had the confidence in nearly all red scheme having enough range to be interesting I decided this model would be the testing ground.

Now she belongs. There is something narratively so curious about seeng her next to the burning man. Who made them? Was the burning man a horrific prototype to her angelic wrath? Or did she set a sinner on fire?

I’m building towards a 2000pts Ultramarine & Inquisition & Knights list. Saint Carmine Av Cretelle De Helican will count as Chief Librarian Tigurius, The Specialist taking the role of Lord Calgar and I have two center pieces to lead the force that fit their story and their equipment nicely, while narratively matching the horrific powers of such individuals.

I’m (probably unrealistically) aiming to have the entire force done by Christmas with a display stand so grand I’d have the confidence to take this entire lot to Golden Demon as a showcase of the universe and what I’m hoping to achieve as an artist. This would leave the spring for building the second part of something the Ironsleet gang with our trusted friends are hoping to do for next summer. Hopefully to be revealed soon.





9 thoughts on “+ Saint Carmine Av Cretelle De Helican +

  1. Again, this is just utterly and insanely cool. The level and variety of saturation, contrast and dull/shine is something I’ve not seen before on a model.

    Also super exciting to hear more of your plans for the army and future. Something like this should most definitely be entered into GD to shake them up a little and to remind what the competition is truly about.

    Bravo Migs!

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  2. Oh man, she is crazy good, it’s like she has an led inside! I keep going back for another look to try and figure out how the hell you made this work… still can’t though 🙂

    I’m loving this new project Migs, can’t wait to see where it takes you.

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  3. The massive wildfires of Northern California -flame, smoke and smoldering embers – captured in a single burning stroke of genius!

    She is gorgeous!

    Hopefully the fire will continue to run through the Untold. Sparking new life, which is such a good counter point to the frost bitten Vlka Fenryka…Fire and ice, frost and flame.

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  4. Superb! Bold! I love the contrast between the matte and gloss finishes. The burning man acts like a bridge between her and the rest.

    A brand from a brand | is kindled and burned,
    And fire from fire begotten;
    And man by his speech | is known to men,
    And the stupid by their stillness.

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  5. Brilliant. The armour reminds me of the old gloss dark red and black Chaos Space Marine army by John Blanche back in the 2nd ed days. These 2 work very well together and putting the whole lot together for GD would be spectacular. Good luck.

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  6. The Burning Man is one of my favourite characters from you, the scheme is so perfect. I love it.

    And she is cool, the glowing mouth and eyes in particular, and the gloss breastplate as a focal point.

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  7. Absolutely stunning work Migs. I really love the group, particulary Saint Carmine and the Burning Man, great conversions and a really eye catching smouldering/fire effct. Can I ask how you did the glowing red?


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