Carroburg Cutthroats – Digitalized Mugshot

Carroburg Cutthroats – Lineman mugshot

I’m kicking off season ’19 with my Blood Bowl team, Carroburg Cutthroats. Many moons ago I did some fast mugshot sketches to portrait some members of the Cutthroats. I thought that I should put some more effort in to it and decided to try and make digitally drawn versions of those, and so I started doing some tests with Wacom.

The first one I finished is the Lineman named Lally *something something*. What I especially like in this one is the small hint of a smile/grin he’s making. The expression on his face kind of catches the theme of BB in a nutshell – Brutal and gory sport with a good doze of humour.

From a pencil sketch to a digital drawing.

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