+ The Primogenitor +


+ “An ancestor, especially the earliest ancestor of a people; a progenitor” +

– Merriam & Webster, Ancient Terran Savants


The Primogenitor

Space Hulks are the stuff of legend, massive conglomerations of lost ships and wrecks fused together by the dark powers of Warp space. Tombs for Elite Warriors and Rogue Traders alike. These giant “vessels” are so impossibly large that they create their own gravity fields, even atmospheres of sorts. 

For the imperium the emergence of a Space Hulk into real space is distress at best, fallen empires at worst. The Hulks are carriers of the arch enemy, harbingers of the great devourer and messengers of destruction. For the lost and the damned, they are a breeding ground, a hive, a vessel of conquest. 

Bare decades after the Indomitus Crusade, Cicatrix Maledictum, often fittingly referred to as the wound in low gothic, spat out a spectacular planet sized horror thus named the Primogenitor by the Imperial Navy and its augurs. 

The Primogenitor was so large that it travelled with a constellation of moons bound to its gravity. Fires, explosions, etheric signatures rolled around its impossible body and several Navy expeditions were ultimately deemed MIA in trying to recon and engage it. 

Entire planets would die under its path. 

Here begins the Legend of the Primogenitor, the deep dive through bravery to insanity, the grim darkness of far future and the struggle of man to defend itself. The Iron Sleet of God Emperor’s protectors, Angels of Death, Lords of the Inquisition and Generals of the Militarum will rain on the eternal Nightmares of the Primordial Predator, in the hellish conditions of the multidimensional battle ground.

Prepare for unimaginable war.



10 thoughts on “+ The Primogenitor +

  1. Evocative!
    Can’t wait to see what new horrors this one unleashes upon our poor galaxy, both from everyone on the blog here and the community at large. Just this short intro has already started me off on new ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

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