Invitational III – The Primogenitor calls!

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A leviathan of a space hulk, only known as The Primogenitor, has emerged from the gaping wound of Cicatrix Maledictum. This planet-sized conglomeration of starships, void stations and moons, of human and xenos origin, is plunging towards Terra and destroying Imperial worlds by psychical and gravitational forces. The mortis-screams of dying Imperial worlds are heard throughout the Emperor’s domains, as the destruction incarnate continues on its trajectory coreward Segmentum Solar.

It is the harbringer of scourges and plights. Home to uncounted factions, the hulk is a carrier of the arch enemy, creatures of the great devourer and messengers of destruction. For the lost and the damned, it is a breeding ground, a hive, a vessel of conquest. Their raids and warmongering adds to The Primogenitor’s tally of havoc tenfold, as it continues on its path of destruction. And more enemies and outcasts of the Imperium flock under its wing by their thousands each passing day.

Vassals and serviles of the Master of Mankind have been despatched to counter and repel the threat of the space hulk. Alliances are forged and heroic last stands are made. Boarding actions by post-human Astartes commence, crusades of holy and martial alike are embarked on, desperate planetary defense forces are roused. Solitary explorers of lost relics are also on their way.

For the loyal and the heretic, for xenos and the mutant: The Primogenitor calls!

Iron Sleet Invitational III is here: The Primogenitor calls! Iron Sleet invites everyone to flesh out the massive space hulk, its dwellers, boarders and adventurers alike. Be it single miniature, a group, or an army, display pieces of duels or lost souls traversing forgotten engine halls, or terrain pieces of classic or modern space hulk. We want each and everyone of you to join us bringing The Primogenitor to life.

Space hulking and interaction

Space hulk action is the key. Classic themes brought into Warhammer 40.000 aesthetic of this day, spiced with the grim and dark baroque. Story is king, use your imagination to re-imagine space hulks and their myriad denizens or explore the classic themes with nostalgia. Additionally on this Invitational, inspired by fellow hobbyists and our own terrain projects, we want encourage everyone to focus on interaction and dynamics. Interaction with surroundings, with extra emphasis on actually portraying the environment through terrain and reactive interaction with it through miniatures.

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Miniature art in every shape, size and system

Continuing the tradition birthed almost half a decade ago, we set to explore a new setting in a new way. This time we haven’t limited the submissions to certain group sizes or bases, but instead we want everyone to contribute based on their vision and in different mediums that make the hobby. We also want to be inclusive to all hobby styles and support the goals we have set for this Invitational. Render your visions of space hulk, its multidimensional warfare and derelict caverns with their explorers into miniature art of all shapes and sizes.

In short: Single miniatures? Check. Warbands, retinues and armies? Hell yes. Display pieces, dioramas and duels? We got ’em. Terrain of all sizes and shapes? Yes! Illustrations, paintings or multimedia works? Check, check and check.

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How do I take part?

There are two ways to participate and get your work featured here on our blog and @ironsleet on Instagram.

Firstly, you can start sending photos starting February 1st 2020 by email. That is, send maximum of three, jpg. format photos of finished model(s) along with your name or pseudonym that you would like credited to

Secondly, you can use #theprimogenitor and #ironsleetinvitational on Instagram to share your WIP’s and other The Primogenitor related work. For finalized and finished submissions use #theprimogenitorsubmission to so that we can pick out finished ones and feature them.

Deadline for all submissions through different platforms is 31st March.

© Games Workshop

The Primogenitor FAQ

What is The Primogenitor?: Iron Sleet’s collective hobby push surrounding a massive space hulk called The Primogenitor. Primogenitor has emerged to real space and wreaks havoc across the Imperium as it plunges towards Terra.

Will there be games or events?: Yes. There will be small gaming events all around the globe to get us playing 8th edition Warhammer 40.000 and Kill Team. Battle-reports will be made.

Can I join?: We encourage everyone to participate by taking part in this Invitational and start your own adventure to The Primogenitor with us!


33 thoughts on “Invitational III – The Primogenitor calls!

  1. Blimey. I haven’t done a competition in years. There’s nothing better to push a person’s creativity and give them the incentive to produce their best work possible. And it’s a more-than–reasonable deadline to think about what to do and get it done.

    Yep, I’m in… 😁

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  2. Exciting! Public events are always a great source of interesting takes on the same general theme. I’m probably not going to be up to any gaming around the event thanks to Busy Times, but I will be looking forward to the results and stories that come out of it all.

    On the topic of the “Space Hulk” theme, is there a particular kind of stuff you guys will be looking for? I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent Blackstone Fortress game and the Spindle Drones that came in that set, and I’m curious to hear how well you all think that would fit with what you’re going for here.
    I’ve also, perhaps unsurprisingly, had more than one idea for things to make. Do you have a submission limit? Should I send three photos of everything I make, or three for each “group”?

    Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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    1. Sounds good! Space hulk are massive derelict superstructures that can house whatever xenos lurks in deep space.

      If you have more than one cohesive submissions feel free to send separate emails!


  3. Im in,
    On the interaction topic some parameters come to mind,
    For example; the need by all to keep sealed environments of various types secure and functional would be not only of vital import but would theoretically become a new battle front. Methane, oxygen, nitrogen etc take your pick, you and your squad, flock, herd or swarm are going to need it for not just consumption but areas of control. This raises some great parameter questions like:
    What kind of aberrations exist due to enforced mutual needs? Or alternatively Are breaches and collapses used as attacks, ambushes or even pogroms to remove said adaptations on board this unchecked stellar breeding ground? Does a nurgle vector of influence in deep space create oxygen as well as other gases? Can some life forms start syphoning oxygen from these nurgle gardens? Are filters used? Are resistances formed? Do they succumb or adapt?
    Which raises the question; what happens to a crusade or insurgence into this ship which got lost, separated, or has simply delved deep enough that making it back to their own vessel is no longer an option? Resources will be needed to continue the fight. again the question; succumb, adapt form resistances etc?
    A good concept like yours raises questions and I think this will be fun. thanks

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    1. Invitational is a hobby community collective world building undertaking where everyone can submit their own visions in miniature and other mediums of art. See the post for the submission details


  4. Just out of curiosity-I have one figure that I have completed previously for a Blackstone Fortress-themed exploration team and displayed on Instagram. I am currently working on three new figures, possibly four depending on time, and a scenic base, none of which I have yet shown-can I use the previously completed figure in the piece as it would have been intended before the competition was announced or must the all figures and base be new, unshown material?


      1. That’s great. I used to do a lot of online competitions up until about ten years ago and one of the requirements of pretty much all of them was that an entrant had to post a picture of all the models they were entering as new alongside something dated, like a newspaper or monitor screen, unbuilt and unpainted. It was to make sure everyone was on a “level playing field” as they said. Problem was lots of people dropped out because of time and real life.

        Anyway, on with the show… 😁


  5. Hi! I love the challenge and I will take part on it! I’m working in the story now… I have a question, for modeling and Kitbashing purposes… I only have GW models, and I love this background, but I ‘ve found in my bit box some starship model kits non GW, It’s allowed to use it as part of the floor of my scenarios? Thanks a lot 😊


  6. My Iron Hands Terminators will Assault this Progenitor and I hear the Pestilence of Nurgal have claimed this Space Hulk my Thunder Hammers will pound these heretics to to dust for the Emperor!


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