Invitational III: Part 1

“In the deep cold of the void, The Primogenitor plunges forwards. Take a look at its various denizens, boarders and dwellers, travelling to their glories and follies. Prepare to explore its rotting space cathedrals and dark corridors, and uncover the stories embedded into its layers and bones made of thousands of dead starships. Witness it wreaking havoc throughout the domains of mankind, bringing ruin and destruction to everything it touches.”

Firstly, a massive thank you on behalf of Iron Sleet crew to everyone who answered our call to join us in our world-building mission. We are grateful that so many (I mean, a lot) of you followed us into the exploration of the absurdly sized, reality bending space hulk. With the help of your collective imagination and hobby spirit, the setting has been refined into a massive conglomerate of stories, illustrations and miniature art. Collective world-building itself is in the very essence of 40.000, where everyone can create their own unique stories and get inspired by others. We reached out to you, and you provided us with massive amount of entries through various platforms, which we will be dropping in jam-packed blog posts for everyone to enjoy in the coming weeks. Without further ado, here is the first wave! Get ready to board The Primogenitor…




12 thoughts on “Invitational III: Part 1

  1. I Really like it all, such a great ambience on these! The edges of reality and The white Bull in particular. Excellent storytelling and excellent models!

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  2. WONDERFUL stuff everyone. Sweet Lord Emperor, it is such a huge pleasure – and honor – to see all this incredible work done for the Primogenitor up here on Iron Sleet. Thank you!

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  3. Incredible work across the board. Bravo to Iron sleet for setting up such an atmospheric setting for everyone to work with too! It’s been a privilege.

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  4. Totally stoked to the max to see all the amazing interpretations of the setting. Thank you Iron Sleet for hosting this invitational and thank you to all the artists who took part. I’m deeply honored to be part of the journey. Looking forward to the rest of the submissions.

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