Invitational III: Part 4

Iron Sleet presents you yet another set of The Primogenitor invitational entries. These too are drawn from Instagram with #theprimogenitor tag. Enjoy!


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The Primogenitor calls! +++ A lone wanderer, lost somewhere deep in the Primogenitor at the mercy of whispering shadows. Why had he come to this place? How long had it been? Where was he going? What were those voices? Whispering… They… they came to him again! Must… must find out! What did they want? Why did they keep tormenting him so?! If they could only just show him what they talked about. Please! Oh the agony!… Maybe it’s this way. Yes. Yes! The whispers become clearer down this path! Whispering. Yes. Oh the voices. Yes. Further… +++ My contribution to the @ironsleet invitational, The Primogenitor is finally done! I call him the Lost Wanderer. I see him being driven mad deep within the massive hulk. I built this last summer wanting to build a traveler riding a mechanical strider reminiscent of the silt striders in Morrowind but in sci-fi. Painting this has been stressful but tons of fun getting to know the contrast paints more and more👍 The drone on his stand is magnetised so later I will build a separate base for it. Think I’ll try and wright some cool rules for that😅 Hope you are all doing well❤️ Stay home! #theprimogenitorsubmission #theprimogenitor #ironsleetinvitational #wip #strider #warhammer40k #warhammer #40k #gamesworkshop #miniature #miniaturepainting #grimdark #spacehulk #wanderer #siltstrider #lonewanderer #theminiaturesvault #stayhome #washyourhands #warhammerpaintcomp

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The Calibanite Lion #theprimogenitorsubmission. Now with added lore! … Left to drift in the void. Wounded. In pride and body. The 'Pride of Caliban' grew wrathful. Bitterness gnawed at its spirit at the indignity. Felled by happenstance. Vengeance swelled in its thrumming heart. At those that, at first sullied its honour, then left it adrift. Abandoned! Curse the First. Curse the Lutherites. Curse the Lion. The Emperor. And all of humanity for their hubris and their folly….. …. .. Alone it drifted until the others fell across its path. A great many brethren, mighty vessels of the fleets. Bound together. Merged. Twisted. An amalgamated armada of metal, rock and hate. Plowing through the galaxy. A speartip aimed at the heart of the wretched Imperium of Man. A name is whispered through the ether, through the crooked corridors and accessways. From ship to ship. The name has power. The name gives purpose. It gives new freedom and new form to those whose destinies it has shackled to its cause. The 'Pride of Caliban' stalks from its lair on limbs of plasteel and adamantium. Reforged. It feels another presence within. It matters not. What is one more debasement among the multitude it has already suffered through. The name pulses in its chest. Building in intensity. The name needs to be voiced. It wants its enemies to know their death is coming. The 'Pride of Caliban' lifts its maned head. And roars. "We are The Primogenitor!" … #theprimogenitor #kitbash #conversion #machinespirit #strikercruiser #darkangels #thedarkangelslegion #daemon #warhammer40k #caliban #morkanaut #gorkanaut #sprue #calibanitelion

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When Guardsman Yriel finally awoke, he could not ignore the pungent stench of death that totally consumed his nostrils. The air was thick with a rotting, burning sensation; yet he found himself inexplicably drawn towards it. For the first time in what felt like weeks, air filled his empty lungs. The Guardsman was starving, and anything would do. Yet as he tried to stumble closer towards the giant pot which lay in the centre of the room, he found that he could not move. The musk grew ever stronger despite his bindings, his mouth open wide and his lips thick with saliva. He went no further but felt closer to the raw feeling of hunger than he had ever been. He struggled immensely to break free, yet he soon realised his very being was contorted among a wall of putrefying flesh. . “Persidius, my Lord! The Man awakens!” The mutant huddled around the edge of the cage and it became apparent that he was stoking the flames of the pot all along. Yriel found it hard to process what he was looking at; on the one hand, this creature had a horrifically mutated head, but the rest of him was almost potbellied and stout. His flamethrower was part of his being and it became harder to see where the skin and muscle ended the more he kept looking at it. . “I told you Cook-Cook, you can’t boil him yet!” Boomed his thick, croaking voice from another room. Yriel went back to the wall. When the figure moved in the distance, he could feel his footsteps thudding in the ground. That’s when the pack of figures emerged, each as horrific as the next. #theprimogenitorsubmission for the #ironsleetinvitational by @ironsleet Story written by @the_flashiest_git Special thanks to @wisbym for keeping me sane during the harder parts and @gamesisland_eu for supplying me with everything I need (and more) . #emperorschildren #theprimogenitor #inq28 #based #contrast #blanchitsu #tau #demon #warhammer40k #warhammer #paintingwarhammer #scifi #raptor #ochre #based #slaanesh #kitbash #chaos #beastmen #traitorguard #battlesuit #horus #vespid #heretic #painting #miniature #wargaming #minipainting #grimdark

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