+ Cult of the Viridic Cross +

Voodoo Forest © John Blanche & Hollow Press MMXXII


The Cult of the Viridic Cross is one of the oldest within the pieties of the Green Man. Even though it is present only in a small area of the divide it has become the largest cult in Hive Prigoria, the main hive city out of a handful scattered through the inner divide, where devotions to the Green Man are surging.

Green Man Cometh!

The Prigorian Divide is truly a frontier region in the Imperium if there was one. Despite its size, Hive Prigoria is a quiet, almost desolate, hive city facing decline and abandonment. For centuries the population has been shrinking leaving level upon level emptied of Prigorians. There is a foreboding sense of departure and melancholia throughout the city.

The birth of the cult occured countless generations ago with a few clandestine sermons in the underhive of Hive Prigoria. Through the years they have spread to the lower and upper hives and – if rumours are true – have even infiltrated the Spyres themselves, where some of the remaining industrial barons and Prigorian nobles wear green-crossed necklaces and vine-covered robes of the most exquisite kind!

Viridians and Legionaires

As with other Prigorian cults of the Green Man, devotees of the Viridic Cross are convinced that the time is neigh for the Emperor to be reborn as the Green Man. They believe that the Imperium – like Hive Prigoria itself – is at a cross-road, and through the four principles of devotion, perseverance, truth and faith all paths will lead to the coming of the Green Man, as it is symbolised in the four-armed Viridic Cross.

There are many variants of the cross. While the commonest is a simple four-armed cross with an upright the same length as its transom, there are examples of exquisitely adorned crosses covered in thorny vines – some even equipped with the green wings of the Imperial Eagle.


With tonights full moon, thorn moon, I felt like sharing the fourth and final Cult of the Green Man!

All four cults share the same goal of exploring what it means to be human in the Imperial frontier, where the only guiding light is your faith!

9 cultists from the Cult of the Viridic Cross in all their pre-painted glory

For this cult, I have also made nine cultists. Most of them are adorned with or carrying a Viridic Cross. Eight have auto pistols and brutal assault weapons. One has a flamer. With the two other cults of nine and the latest Green Comet triple, I have a full unit of 30 pre-painted Green Man cultists soon to embark on the coming Arks of Omen boarding actions inside the Primogenitor!

Lastly; I am working on one final model, which will be the centerpiece of the cultists…which I look so much forward to share!

Green Man Cometh!


On a pilgrimage into the weathered worlds of Warhammer 40K. Exploring texture, narrative and atmosphere in miniature form.

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