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Invitational III: Part 2

Continuing with the third Iron Sleet Invitational. We are amazed and humbled of the amount of extraordinary entries you have produced. You guys have completely hit it out of the ballpark imagining and visioning the derelict corridors and mighty explorers of the space hulk The Primogenitor. In addition to email, we also asked people to […]

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The Long-form

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself” – Ice Cube, ancient Terran poet Wow, my last blog entry is from 2017! Do people still read blogs these days? Or does it really matter at all? I decided to return here since I think blogging still has something to offer for us. Army building Gaming has not […]

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Invitational III: Part 1

“In the deep cold of the void, The Primogenitor plunges forwards. Take a look at its various denizens, boarders and dwellers, travelling to their glories and follies. Prepare to explore its rotting space cathedrals and dark corridors, and uncover the stories embedded into its layers and bones made of thousands of dead starships. Witness it […]

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+ Baal Dominatus +, The Primogenitor

+ Sons of Sanguinius +

ONE “Father“  The voice whispered, without speaking, without language.  “Father” “Help us” There were secrets here. Untold means, unimaginable ends. Things you would not expect to see or dare imagine. Not in one of these revered vessels. The Deathspear was a spectacular ship, an Astartes Cruiser, and a shining sample of the artistry of the […]

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The Primogenitor

The Primogenitor: First contact

In January 2020, Finland-based part of the Iron Sleet crew and the extended hobby family made first contact with The Primogenitor on tabletop in Kill Team format. The games were played under the streets of Helsinki, below the sea-level in the most fitting setting provided by Alexander Winberg of the Echoes of Imperium. ++decrypting astropathic […]

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