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Primogenitor Table

Some pictures of the Primogenitor table I built with @pictergrammable this summer. The project started when we realised the Imperial Sector tiles were being phased out at 9th edition, and we panic-purchased a set. What a great idea that was! What ensued was two months of rapid building and painting, and here are the results. […]

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Thorn Moons Crusade, Voodoo Forest

Stalker in the Forest

The incessant wind keeps blowing through the undergrowth. Forever in motion, forever living, forever dying, the forest gusts keep sweeping the eternal thornes.. Pollen, leaves, and smells of decay travel with it. A millenia old sentience crawls at it’s heels. Surveying, keeping track, guiding it’s motion.

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The Pilgrym, XX

The Ghost of Green Room

The Ghost of Botanicariumme Tonight we visit the Botanicarium. Perhaps we find this Brostten Haggwers, but at least we can plant the equipment. The chilling cold, of what might been a clear night sky of legends before the atmosphere was so compromised. Visiting the Botanicarium is a big deal. It’s illegal for one and two, […]

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The Pilgrym

The Botanicarium – Pilgrym Illustrated III

I cannot explain how exciting, or what an honor, it is to be working on the scenery where Thistle’s original illustrations and new ideas meet with our ideas and sketches. The Whole Botanicarium idea in turn came from seeing FPOA’s insane Green Mechanicvm. It has been a very organic creative process where the whole will […]

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The Pilgrym Table – Terra in 28mm

Happy M2.016 While working on Illuminati Aquila my mind wondered around the vastness and grandeur of Terra, trying to let the home world guide the creation of the characters. Then we started talking about this Pilgrym madness and as a byproduct how incredible it would be to genuinely model the scale of Terra on a table. A […]

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