The Untold, Ynqvisitor

+ Aion Aurelius of the Ten Thousand +

Silence, but for the throb of twin hearts and a mind roaring, was absolute. Flakes of ice fell silently around the giant. Lucian of the First knelt down. And prayed. Prayed for their arrival. Safe arrival. Speedy arrival. Everything he had been told was a lie. Palleggio Monstrare, Venus M42 +++ Greetings friend, One of […]

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+ Conclave Venutiae Part I +

“Twas noontide of summer,And mid-time of night;And stars, in their orbits,Shone pale, thro’ the light Of the brighter, cold moon,‘Mid planets her slaves,Herself in the Heavens,Her beam on the waves. I gazed awhileOn her cold smile;Too cold- too cold for me- And I turned away to thee,Proud Evening Star,In thy glory afar,And dearer thy beam […]

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