+ The Visitor +

The Raven – Visitor to House Vitrovii


When you arrive at one of the thousand red gates of Palagio di Vitrovii, you are greeted by an entourage of Vitrovii servants, who, contrary to any visitor, are not allowed to walk on the red-stained glass floors of the Glass Palace.

Welcome to a world of decadence!

Welcome to a world where everything you have been told is a lie!

Welcome to Ynqvisitor!


These have been done for a while, but I have finally been able to take some light box pictures of them!

The Raven hails from the artificial moon and seed vault Neith, which I created for the Pilgrym. Neith circles the dark side of Venus, so it was fitting to make a re-visit for Ynqvisitor! I painted him in cold green colours and almost frosty white as an homage to his Linnæanne heritage…

For a long time, I have had a desire to return to Neith and the Linnæanne Brotherhood. I only managed to paint one Linnæanne Brother for the Pilgrym. For the most part they live their lives in solitude inside the moon-sized seed vault. They are surrounded by taxonomy servitors, plant samplers and bio-seed specimenters. Only on rare occasions do some of the Fraters venture outside the gravity of Venus to ensure and oversee the gathering of rare plant specimens or bio-relics.

Fittingly for Ynqvisitor they also have their own Inquisitorial Order…

On a side note, I also wanted Raven of Neith to be a homage to John, using a colour scheme of greenish white, aged and bright gold, black and red, which I am looking at whenever I sit at my desk!

Triptykon © John Blanche, Games Workshop

On a pilgrimage into the weathered worlds of Warhammer 40K. Exploring texture, narrative and atmosphere in miniature form.

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