Putting it all into perspective


Like Migs said in the comments section earlier – when you are building a showcase army like I am doing here, it’s very essential that you add troop types from all size categories. Having different sized models in your army brings it all into perspective. Having a Squat army that would only include infantry and few characters would make the whole army look pretty harmless bunch of stunties! Dynamic composition is what makes the army look threatening – the smaller infantry units make the bigger models look even bigger and menacing, thus emphasizing their role in the force.

What you see in the picture above is (from left to right) Dreadnought, Terminator Sergeant & Tactical Squad Sergeant (yes, this is a Space Marine counts-as army 😉


Here we can see some comparison against my infamous Inquisitor Pherion of Mars!

He’s pretty old and crooked by his frame but his still pretty human sized character never the less.

(this picture shows really nicely how short my Squats are! now wonder they like to build these huge suits for themselves;)

Anyway, Im pretty sure many of you are dying to hear about the other two models next to the Exo-suit!

All I can say is that update about the current state of the force is underway. I just need to take new photographs from all of them, so it takes some time but it’s coming I promise=)

The main reason for this is that I just learned new and better way to take photos of my minis! new style has some new rules that I need to master first. We are actually writing an article about how to take photos like we do, using just Apple products instead of “real” cameras! yeah that means you only need iPad or iPhone to take quality shots of your minis. so you just wait there’s so many new things underway….;)


9 thoughts on “Putting it all into perspective

  1. Mikko I’m fast becoming a huge fan! Probably many years after I should have 😉

    I totally agree that it’s important to vary sizes and unit types to get a more dynamic and interesting look on your army. Will you field any vehicles btw?

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    1. Cheers! glad to hear you are liking everything so far=)
      I will be fielding vehicles! Already have one Rhino but Im seriously thinking of adding more stuff like Attack buggies for example;)

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  2. It’s great seeing these minis together. I do love a group shot 🙂

    IM dying to read the photography tutorial though. It’s something I know I could be doing better with my own minis. iPhone at the ready …

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  3. This is just the essence of 40k hobby. The very best painting, the very best idea and concept. You are doing some serious stuff of legends here 😉

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  4. I didn’t realise the squats were quite so diminutive. Really cool to see the size comparison.

    Really looking forward to the photo tutorial – you guys manage to take some stellar shots without “proper” cameras. I need to up my photo game – if that’s possible without ditching the iPhone so much the better!


  5. Almost same info here as in Migsula’s post: “Monochromatic” paint scheme is ace. They sure look like weapons and armors of labour – not only the tools of mass destruction. Personally this sort of subtle hinting are the main reason why converting and painting makes usual hobby tasks much more rewarding. There’s always a reason why certain things are as they seem at the first place. There’s a chance to tell a story in one of piece of infantry – I think you’ve achieved this goal of describing tale.


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