Black Tail Commando



Having painted those Squats for a so long time now, I felt that I really needed to paint something else!

Fortunately noticed this little fella at my desk! simple conversion that was finished year ago but never got painted, ended up using the same colour scheme that I have used with my Squats. Easy, fast & very much fun!

This was just relaxed sunday therapy painting & I hope your weekend was nice and you enjoy this little sneaky commando;)


13 thoughts on “Black Tail Commando

  1. Making 40k from fantasy minis is not only funn but a route to the gothic – you have demonstrated a stunning way to do this with both this and your dwarves – I’m resisting the urge to paint some rats spurred on bi jeff and this and seeing this does not help at all – brilliant stuff ……

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  2. The scheme works equally well here as on the squats – great work. The conversion has some wonderful subtle details that sell the piece as a gritty futuristic figure. I particularly like the replaced stock on the rifle, and is that a little microphone bead I can see on the first shot?

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    1. Thanks! I really like this combination of colours, the lighter tones on the armour makes it real joy to create battle damage and weathering;)
      Yes it’s a comm-link mic;)


  3. Man, I remember many years ago somebody made an amazing Hrud army out of Skaven models using the Eldar armylist (Migs might know the guy if I’m not mistaken).

    Is this going to be a one of a kind kinda thing, or will there be more? Besides, this fella needs a story! 😀


      1. A real shame he quit! Do you know if the photos of his work are still somewhere? Last I remember they were on Pbase, but that page/gallery/whatever has been removed or something. 😦


  4. Oh fantastic! Such a simple and elegant conversion.

    Seeing how well the Squat color scheme works here makes me think that you should make a unit of ratmen to use as allies with your Squats! Heretical i know, but it would make a certain sense that your clearly pragmatic and mining-focused Abhuman race would be willing to employ subterranean xenos.

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  5. Brilliant work again Mikko , i agree with weirding way , a new scout unit is a must for the dwarves , perfect timing with the new rats too , and if if anyone was going to make the definitive skaven 40k army it must be you or Kari


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