Vlka Fenryka – Thrar Wargjeger

Fenrys Hjolda!

Thrar Wargjeger, The Wolf Guard Scout leader and two Kaerls of the Wyrd. Tasked by the Runepriests and Jarl Gorevlkeae to travel from the Aett to build the Aversion poles and to protect the world spirit against the Malificarum.


IMG_7217 IMG_7218 IMG_7220 IMG_7221 IMG_7223


22 thoughts on “Vlka Fenryka – Thrar Wargjeger

  1. I do so love your desk and setup. Those shots from the top, of fantasy worlds contained in glass domes.. Makes me want to settle down and set a home just so I could make my own take on it. A superb little corner of worlds!

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    1. Well, what’s preventing from working on the coolest travel case ever? Intact, I am working on one for taking the army to tournaments πŸ™‚ And yes, I know exactly how you feel after all the travel and moving around during the years.


  2. First you make me want to make true scale marines, then you make me want to use a restricted palette in all my minis and now you make me want to buy bell jars!

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  3. Hmm, either you’ve made some very cunning last minute changes to the Wolf Scout conversion, or the paintjob really managed to obscure the slight issues with this guy’s proportions that I complained about earlier — either way, he’s looking excellent now, migs!

    One very small thing that sticks out like a sore thumb to me is the lining of the wolf-pelt trophy at his belt, though: I realise that the colour you chose for that part is realistic enough, but it ends up looking slightly too flat, in my opinion — maybe a careful wash (Reikland Fleshshade, or something similar) might solve that problem?

    The little guy with the Blightking antlers is excellent as well!


  4. I’m curious to see what vehicles you will add to this – whether some heresy era jetbikes, dreadnought (contemptor in this scheme would be insane) or something like a siccaran.


    1. Both Contemptor and Sicaran are waiting πŸ™‚ First I will plow through a bunch of drop pods, and some flyers. But eventually I want to do characterful, one of stuff. Really want to do a Vindicator too.

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  5. Exceptional work as usual, I am curious though as to the different scale of this model and you other truescales. Is he supposed to be in scout armor and thus smaller, or are you making your heroes “heroically” proportioned and your non-heroes less so?

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    1. Great question. I am making the marines look like warrior gods, as big as I can, next to their Kaerls, Thralls and other fenrysians. This guy is the size of what my power armoured marines will be. The Gal Vorbak are pretty huge and on 40mm bases and rep wulfen and count as terminator armor.


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