The Untold

+ The Untold +

  “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” ― Oscar Wilde, Ancient Terran   +++   + The Untold +         + The Rogue Trader +        

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Thorn Moons Crusade, XX

The Dead

+++ Spirit of the Ghost You who wonder in the aether You who stalk in the shadows You who lead Between the moss covered trees Lend me your primal power and the wisdom of your countless heads Show me the hidden path and the moonlit way Fierce wraith Hunt with me in my solitude Guard […]

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Curse of the Alabaster, XX

Between Rogues

“All power demands sacrifice… and pain” a Librarian of the XXth “It should be noted that although Rogue Traders are shipmasters who travel the vastness of space, their authority to do so comes not from a Merchant Charter, but rather a letter of appointment that elevates them to the authority equalling Space Marine Chapter Masters, Inquisitors and Planetary Governors[1a] Some of the […]

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The Pilgrym

The Pilgrym Game

Good day, First of all, thank you! Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and feedback over what has been an incredible 7 month journey. A collaborative celebration of the Games Workshop hobby and a platform for incredible miniatures to come to life. A full battle report to come in time. I think I speak for […]

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The Pilgrym, XX

Hydra Dominatus in the Underhive

Hello, The inter webs just ate a lengthy musing on what this project has become to mean to me – probably for the better. I had tried to describe the entire Epicness that Pilgrym has grown to be and detail how much I’ve loved working on the ghost legion. There is a style developing here. Years […]

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