Iron Sleet Invitational – The Fighting Continues…

I just leave this here…


Working hard every day;)


4 thoughts on “Iron Sleet Invitational – The Fighting Continues…

  1. Looking interesting, not created a blog myself but tempted to join this community, I do keep an eye on what the likes of you guys and Jakob Rune Nielson do etc. Maybe start up and convert some demons in line with what you guys are doing with the Inq28.


  2. I just spent some time reading about the Thunder Warriors online, and how the Emperor created them to unify Terra towards the end of the 30th millennium (to overthrow the warring techno-barbarians that controlled the planet!). I have not done the best job of keeping up with 40k lore over the past couple years, so this was all new to me.

    I am glad that you are trying to shed some light on this seldom explored aspect of 40K history. From the sounds of it, Thunder Armour was very personalized, and did not fit one standard template. So, that gives you free reign to explore whatever you see fit! Only the chest armour and the arms were powered, so I think that fits with your choice of a much more subdued power pack (the turbine array on his back).

    Looking forward to clearer pictures!


  3. Great to see another post! Things are looking fantastic as always. Is the smaller human a part of the entry too? His quilted armor is really cool and fitting with the era of the Unification Wars (I love his autogun too).

    The Thunder Warrior is continuing to look awesome. I look forward to seeing better pictures of him. What are your thoughts of adding some other leather straps and stuff to hold on some of the armor plates on his legs? And maybe getting some quilted armour on him too?


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