+ Conclave Venutiae Part I +

“Twas noontide of summer,And mid-time of night;And stars, in their orbits,Shone pale, thro’ the light Of the brighter, cold moon,‘Mid planets her slaves,Herself in the Heavens,Her beam on the waves. I gazed awhileOn her cold smile;Too cold- too cold for me- And I turned away to thee,Proud Evening Star,In thy glory afar,And dearer thy beam […]

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Invitational Phase I

Dear all, We are utterly humbled by your invitational entries. The human regiments being deployed on the Thorn Moons campaign are both numerous and illustrious. The scope of imagination, care, and originality has just blown us away.

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Curse of the Alabaster

Curse of the Alabaster

  “Give a man a mask and he will show his true face” by Orcar Wilde – Ancient Terran illuminator The Masked King +++ “BY ORDER OF HIS MOST HOLY MAJESTY THE GOD-EMPEROR OF TERRA SEQUESTERED INQUISITORIAL DOSSIERS AUTHORISED PERSONS ONLY CASE FILE 357:20U:JL77:SNK Please enter your authority code > • • • • • • • […]

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