Invitational – Now In Colour!

The magical moment when the primer wokes the miniature alive…



Decided to go with rather “traditional” colour scheme;)

So nice to see him now, when all that rot of Nurgle is gone ❤


6 thoughts on “Invitational – Now In Colour!

  1. I really like how this model turned out. I am excited to see what color scheme you take with him. Do you think that you will try to make more?

    Some of the Techno barbarian warlords on Terra had their own suits of power armour too, correct? Any notion of making one of them (when things have settled down with the Invitational, of course)?


  2. This chap is fantastic so far. Did you lengthen his legs or is that an illusion caused by the small head?

    I love the icon/banner, great idea.


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