Invitational WIP Storm!


The beginning of the March means the first half of the Invitational (the building phase) is behind. Now it is time to concentrate on the next phase – painting our entries, the miniatures standing on the three different sized bases of our choice.

But before jumping on to that phase we asked all the participants to send black and white WIP photographs of their entries to us so that we could share them and the genius plan of theirs with the rest of you.

Without any further words, here are the WIP photos of the Invitational entries and their makers presented.

Brothers Wier – Inquisitor, Officer and Thorian Inquisitor

Inquisitor angles Naval_officer_all angles Thorian_Inquisitor_angles

First Point of Aries – Wulfen Lord and his two Fenrisian Wolves

WULFEN_invitational_001 WULFEN_invitational_002 WULFEN_invitational_003 WULFEN_invitational_004 WULFEN_invitational_005

Jeff Vader – Slaaneshi Gang

image4 image1 copy image3 image1

JRN – Eldar


Kari – Red Corsairs

inv01 inv02 inv05

Migs – Lord Inquisitor, Interrogator and the Sentinel


Mikko – Techno Barbarian, Proto Astartes and Imperial Councelor


PDH – Skitarii Leader, Merc and Tarantula Sentry Gun

Tarantula Sentry Gun B&WMerc B&W Skitarii Leader B&W

Toni Sokura – Ictus Koper, The Prophet and The Void Vehicle

The Invitational movement also sparked many great (un)Invitational projects around the web. Some of the (un)Invited were kind enough to send their WIP photos to us by email. As promised, we want to share these equally as amazing projects along the side of the official Invitationals. After all, this hobby is all about comradeship and sharing the inspirational work with the others.

Bigbossredskullz – The Merciless, Mean-Machine and Peacock


Christoffer “STC-Logisengine” Ivarsson – Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, Grey Knight and Dredd

689920_md-Inquisitor, Ordo Malleus 689923_md-Grey Knights, True Scale 689925_md-Grey Knights, Inquisitor, True Scale 691069_md-Dread1 691070_md-Dread2

David Coombes


Legatho’s Warehouse – The Auctioneer Léon Stravos, the Mule and the Chrono-Gladiator


Tim Brook



20 thoughts on “Invitational WIP Storm!

  1. This is a bewildering slice of the 40k universe! Such weird characters, this can take weeks to digest.. Pint of Bugman’s for everyone who’s taking part!


    1. so would I get give a chance to do something please and who’s knows I just might do something that no one ever thought of before .


  2. All of these are amazing! Migs, Mikko’s, and Toni Sokura’s pieces are all so dark and visceral, I love them!

    Really great work from everyone!


  3. This are awesome. I’ve just received a copy of the Blance art books “The Emperor’s Will” and “The Emperor’s Might”, as well as “Visions of Heresy”, so I am really tempted to get involved. It’s not too late, right?


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