The Merciless, Mean-Machine and Peacock – Invitational

It is time to celebrate Invitational with yet another superb entry, this time an Inquisitor and his companions from Bigbossredskullz.


My Merciless trio started with Peacock.

I’m as anyone following my blog and batreps in particular a huge fan of walkers and I wanted to make an imperial version that had as much character as ork walkers have on default. The mannerisms that led to the name Peacock was a guiding factor when building it. I don’t know why that name stuck but it just worked.

After Peacock I started on Mean-machine. I have a few of those really nice FW servitors but I wanted to do something more with it. Finding a half started project with terminator legs and ogre torso I took it from there. I wanted a being that show the horror of what it entails to become a servitor. Bionics and growth enhancements. I can hardly imagine someone would do it voluntarily..

Last but not least is Merciless himself, Inquisitor Jun Xing. He’s a rogue though still a loyal servant of the Inquisition. That he would look so similar to the classic Ming the Merciless is something that wasn’t intentional but that ended up defining this character in a way I’m most happy with. Villainous.

I’ve already started expanding the warband with a series of xenos henchmen. So thanks to the Sleeters for making me take the INQ28 plunge – it’s a blast!

The Merciless
Sporting the moniker The Merciless, the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Jun Xing has built a reputation among the elite collectors of xenos baubles as the man to go too. Sporting outlandish clothing and weaponry reminiscent of eldar styling he looks the part as well..

I’ve had the base model for Jun ages. He’s as far as I know an Empire mounted wizard. I chopped him up, added an oop Incubi lower body and some eldar arms with weapons. On the pistol I added crossbow parts from the Dark Elf repeater crossbow. The cloak is from Empire outriders. On his “Batman” belt is the control unit for the servitors. I call him the Merciless cause he looks like this guy. So there’s the reference 😉

We had to make some alterations when he was a child.
Quote from Inquisitor Jun Xing.

This is actually a very old build. I once planned a scratch built admech army. This was one of three miniatures. The improvements this time is the combat arms, the head and the greenstuffing. Parts from plastic ogre, terminator, killa kan and dreadnought, FW servitor, sentinel. Yeah think that’s about it. Mean-machine is of course based on this fella.

The machine spirit in gun servitor ZEQ586 is volatile for its kind and has a strangely strutting and proud bearing as if it wants to impress. So I gave it the name peacock, a mythical creature from ages past.

– Quote from Inquisitor Jun Xing.

This model was inspired by the gun servitor as seen here.

The Merciless trio accompanied by a Xenos Henchman, Wild Flower

23 thoughts on “The Merciless, Mean-Machine and Peacock – Invitational

    1. Cheers Jake, I really appreciate it 🙂 Ilieth the Wild flower was very fun to paint but took ages. She’s currently my personal favorite in the warband but I’ve got another female henchman in the pipeline I suspect will take her place.


  1. An excellent group of eccentric characters. The paint job is very sharp, with all the models nicely tied together with the stunning red. I think Peacock is my favorite; the model is so stout and indomitable, perfect for a gun servitor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Eric, I appreciate it 🙂 I’ve always been very proud of my red but after seeing Kari’s fantastic red I still have a long way to go 🙂 Peacock is without a doubt the most popular of my Merciless crew and has been since the WiP stage. Even though I plan on doing some heavily kitbashed admech I’ll never duplicate Peacock flat over. There’s only one Peacock in my house 😉


  2. Fantastic looking collection of characters; each one unique and memorable. Despite the vastly different builds and identities of the members of the Merciless’ crew, each one seems to fit perfectly.

    I think Wild Flower is my favorite. Her pose is so natural and powerful! Also the different contrasting visuals from her Eldar armor and weapons to her Imperial augmentations are superb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Adam for those kind words 🙂

      Yeah it has been thrilling exploring INQ28 and the development of the Merciless. Building and painting models without the restrictions of rules is something I highly recommend. I didn’t understand the fun before I did it myself 🙂


  3. The peacock and the wildflower are fantastic models.
    They’re so full of character and you really nailed the time honed red-bone-black paintscheme.

    Jobs a good ‘un!

    Liked by 1 person

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