Bless the Omnissiah!

I don’t think I’ve been this excited or impressed by a new plastic kit in years!

And back to your invitational programming 🙂



6 thoughts on “Bless the Omnissiah!

    1. More or less… If we get Genestealer Cults, assassains and plastic sisters/ecclessiarchy as well they’ve covered almost everything we’ve always wanted to see.
      There’s some more imperial factions to explore after that – adeptus Custodes, Navis Nobility/imperial fleet, Rogue Traders and of course arbites.

      But after that it’s time to come up with some completely new stuff!


      1. Yeah I’d prefer if they left custodes to Forgeworld though. Hoping that’ll come soon. Exodites and gene stealer cults would really bring back that early 90’s vibe. I heard somewhere that even squats may be revived however believable that may be.


  1. Excited for the conversion possibilities of these kits, definitely.

    As for new Armies, I would like to see a new Inquisitor range – GW could do retinue releases, like they did with the old Necromunda gangers.


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