Legion of Resin – The Finale – Invitational

When we started Iron Sleet in the beginning of the year, we set out to create a special space for celebrating this fine hobby, to collaborate, showcase, inspire, challenge and enjoy. We were hoping that in combining our old blogs, the Spiky Rat Pack and Legion of Plastic we could become something much more than the sum of their parts.

Three and a half months into it, we are already beyond a 100 000 views, but much more importantly almost a thousand comments to the work presented!  The invitational has been an amazing project and more than doubled the daily traffic and discussion and we’ve seen incredible work from at least six different countries.

Today we have a very special and fitting way to finish. A Retinue of work from John Blanche, inspired by the invitational and finished as a surprise to us.

Thank you to everyone for their stellar work and all the comments and discussions this has generated!

Kari, Mikko and Migs,

Legionne of resin – the unknown warrior ripped from the battlefields of the thirty first millennium 
Bi a wounded daemon of chaos whoes essence resides in the chapel column and animated soldiers corpse  – with the remnants of the survivors of that conflict and thrust ten thousand years into the future where the daemon searches its former corporal existence bi following conflict across numerous systems – Ordo malleus charged Hilgardius the pious to shadow the daemon pillar in an attempt to harness the immense powers held within – she alone had the attuned psychic strength to control the entity   – there’s more to come for this group but I really must do some drawing …….
FullSizeRender 5

Ripped thru warp space this chapel worshiping warrior of the 31st millennium became bound with a defeated chaos entity whoes live force resides in this column – the unknown soldier is ripped apart but still lives hanging from this column which warp jumps in inexplicable ways – inquisitor agent Hilgardius is charged with studying this enigma – her psychic powers enable her and her henchman to travel thru warp space if reciting the correct rituals and armed with appropriate wards and power sigils ……

FullSizeRender 4

Gotta also plucked from three millennia ago – sworn guard to gui …. Berserker battle  ogryn …
FullSizeRender 3

Sergeant at arms to Hilgardius, refugee from three millennia ago but unaware of his history and origins – bound to the unknown warrior …..
FullSizeRender 2

Hilgardius – pilgrym and anchorite to the unknown warrior – agent of Ordo malleus – powerful psycher …..FullSizeRender


32 thoughts on “Legion of Resin – The Finale – Invitational

  1. Is it wrong that I actually had a tear in my eye when I saw these? Just masterful!

    Firstly, these are some of the most gorgeous miniatures I’ve seen. I love how JB’s (if JB isn’t too familiar) painting style has now evolved. The use of bold brush strokes and the artful smattering of vibrant colour amongst the grim is astonishing.

    Secondly, I think the Ogryn has just solved my dilemma about how to paint my Solar Auxilia miniatures. If I can just figure out how that look was achieved I’ll be laughing.

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  2. Quite a wonderful way to end the Invitational, it has clearly made some waves in the 40k community! Blanche’s stuff is always uniquely his own. I love the subtle conversions (and the inclusion of the new stubcarbine!). The daemonic pillar is really the star of the collection for me though. Quite an eccentric idea, achieved remarkably well. The mutilated corpse stapled to the pillar sure is creepy…

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    1. I was just looking at that stubcarbine and thinking, “hey, he gets parts pre-release.” It makes sense, but just seems that much cooler.

      I’m usually drawn to his conversions even more than the paint on the models, so it’s a pleasure to see some relatively un-modified pieces. It reminds me just how multidimensional his work can be.


  3. An amazing finish to the Invitational. I’m not even going to wax on about these – I jest wonnt to let ’em soake into myne psyche.

    Bravo, Sir.


  4. How could this end any other way 🙂 I will contend myself with saying this about the miniatures – fantastic! And that is truly an understatement.

    Congratulations to the “sleeters” on a fantastic start! It will be fun following your collective journey onwards 🙂



  5. Can I just add a massive thank you to the guys at Iron Sleet for organising this. I didn’t feel able to take part, just the wrong time of year for me with work etc, but I’ve loved seeing the results. it’s been a real inspiration and everyone who has taken part has produced something wonderful.

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  6. Which brilliant final which closes this fantastic moment. Thanks to all the guests to have enchanted us eyes. Bravo and thanks to iron sleet for the adventure And hats off to the master!
    Regards, François

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  7. Fantastic way to end an incredible event. The sheer amount of talent, creativity and passion on display by all of the participants has been exceptional. A big thanks to everyone at Iron Sleet for putting this event on and encouraging everyone to make this hobby their own!

    These final miniatures are wonderful. The atmosphere and character just oozes out of each of the models. The possessed pillar is undoubtedly my favorite. Everything comes together perfectly to create a unique and memorable character; the colors, the construction, the concept! Fantastic.

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  8. thanks chaps – kind words from very talented people yourselves – and i did create more to this lot instead of drawing during mi easter break – im an addict – theyre on neils opus maius blog …..

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  9. Beautiful. I love the symbolic anchor. I’ve seen it used to represent a time traveler in a film, Sound Of My Voice if I remember. Plus, (unless I am reading too much into it) it acts as a Crux Dissimulata and the unknown soldier is crucified on/next to it. The green and the cable roots also make you think of a 40k version of a hanging tree.

    So yeah nice stuff, I like the other guys too of course but it’s the first time I’ve seen a bit of wall with so much personality. Will be interested to see how it plays in a game!


  10. Thanks everyone for such incredible work. I’ve only been back in the hobby for few months, mainly due to this blog; it’s predecessors and Jeff Vader’s Convertorum.
    It’s really inspirational to see so much talent being displayed.


  11. Amazing finish! As a Frog, the concept of unknown soldier has a very particular echo and I´m always happy to see the Maestro take us in a very new direction.
    ¡¡Congrats for the challenge!! ¡¡Congrats to all the participants!! Sorry I had to forfeit. Hopefully I´ll be ok soon and be physically able to finish my entries.
    ¡¡¡ Long live Iron Sleet !!!

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  12. Aweinspiring stuff!

    The threesome is excellent. Great great use of colours (as if that would be a surprise…). I particularly like the column tree in all its magnificente dystopian glory. I would love to see a backside shot of it too! Hints of reference to a few of your drawings in there – the anchor, the living roots, the possessed…



  13. My first comment on this blog. Migs/Mikko/Kari, thank you for creating this place 🙂 Will there be another Invitational?

    JB: The best entry, easily. The symbolism of the anchor, and the verdigris pissing down the side of the Unknown Soldier is positively inspired. Hilgardius is wonderfully characterful and you can imagine her being a stubborn old duck. But in particular, I love ideas behind the figures. So fittingly bonkers. A character inhabiting a column and animated corpse is a first. Also, Hilgardius… a reference to the Christian mystic Hildegard von Bingen, perhaps? If so: great remix. And another anchorite too, those poor sods stuck to chapels…

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  14. Inspired work as usual Mr. Blanche. My perspective of the 40k universe has always been influenced by seeing your work when I was young. To me, yours is THE definitive interpretation of the setting.

    As far as this collection of figures goes. Incredible. One thing I particularly love, and have not seen mentioned thus far, is the basing. Maybe not just the basing, but how the figures blend with their surroundings. The pieces seem more like a single “unit” than a figure mounted on a base. They are inseparable.

    Your use of color and imagery is, has been, and will continue to be an inspiration. Thank you.


  15. WOW, WOW, WOW…..


    That’s what looking at these masterpieces by the one and only John Blanche left me, speachless.

    I love how his miniatures look like they have just stepped out of a watercolour painting with his distinct painting style, I can just picture these figures now as if they were on a page in a book or hanging in a frame on a wall…..



  16. Don’t want to seem ungrateful, these are awesome, but.. could we havea demo, or a link to a demo , on how those dirty rust colours, stained metal and softly glowing white-bone skulls are done. I’m interested in what techniques and almost as importantly- what paints.. is this GW paint, windsor newton inks, ground up railway sleepers in an emulsion of cat bile or some combination thereof?


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