Fenrys Ex Machina update

There is a passage in the Space Wolf Codex about the creatures of man, machine, wolf and combinations that dwell and guard the Aett like a super charged immune system. This is what I am building.



5 thoughts on “Fenrys Ex Machina update

  1. I like these areas that are hinted at in the background, but never really much expanded upon because they are technically not part of regular 40k battlefield armies. Very often, much of what makes the 40k universe so unique is buried in these places “in between”.


  2. I completely agree with Jimmy.

    Migs, this may be your most fascinating project to date, which is really saying something. Your creativity has been a big inspiration to step up my hobby game and explore possibilities I had never really considered.

    I have a feeling you guys have created something very powerful with Iron Sleet.


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