Hounds of Valon – Executioner


First one of Hounds of Valon is now finished; the Executioner.

It was very fun and easy piece to paint, took me “only” around two evenings to finish. It didn’t take me too much time to decide which main colours I would choose for the Hounds, those being black and red. These two colours don’t only work very well together with Valon’s theme but also make the pale skin tone shine even more spiteful than ever before, and I like it!

Black and red are the colours of the “Hound” unit. Black represents the sin, in which heretics, renegades and deserters have fallen when they’ve chosen the wrong path in their lives. Red means salvation, which can only be received by bloodshed and finally death.

The Executioner carries a two-handed ritual decapitation power sword, a deadly weapon in right hands. It is a great honour amongst the Hounds to be chosen as Hound squad Executioner. They are the most skilled of them all and the ones who have been blessed with the sacred duty to give the final freedom to their errant kinsmen. In short, their simple task is to behead the renegades caught by the Hound squad. Decapitated heads of the renegades are collected and handed over to the Mechanicus who harness them to serve the Emperor better than they did in their previous lives.



15 thoughts on “Hounds of Valon – Executioner

  1. Amazing job on the miniatures and a fantastic bit of fluff. I love simple paint schemes done right! The base is so wonderfully textured as well. Bravo, sir!


  2. I look very much forward to see this band of brothers develop. The simple but striking paint job on the Executioner is excellent. Love the face – and want to see more.


  3. You can never go wrong with red, black and bone!

    Lovely mini Kari.
    The two handed power sword is brilliantly anachronistic. Favourite detail is the subtle stubble on his partly shaved head.


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