Hobby reboot 2015 – ORKS!!!

photo-2Greetings everyone!

After almost two full months without being able paint/sculpt/convert miniatures Im finally getting back to them once more. I recently bought a flat and decided to do some renovating, so I have been extremely busy trying to make my new home look cool! It has been great fun but it also feels SO great to finally return to do some miniature related stuff;)

During this time I have not completely forgot my projects however, NO! After the Invitational I felt that it was time to take new direction. with Terra Dominatvs project I studied the more realistic ways to do weathering and Im interested to continue on that path to create even more realistic feel to my miniatures… so during my break I have bought some new oil colours, a new technique I haven’t tried before + some pigments from Forge World I can’t wait to try out!

So what’s next?

Orks, yes Orks;) The bane of the imperium of man, Green and mean killing machines.

I have always been little disappointed when seeing new Ork releases, sculpting is great, ideas are cool but to me, they still lack something, they don’t look that dangerous nor fierce. they look bit cartoonish not like they do in the artworks. If you study the artwork in the Ork codex you see fierce creatures that look they would rip a Space Marine apart in split second!!!

Im about to start a small Ork warband, something that could be described as “Da Speshul Forses” I will start out by building a squad of Kommandos they will later be followed by some other elite unit s in the future. Modelling vice I’m looking to introduce some of my own personal vision about how Ork should look like. I will alter the anatomy by mixing parts between the ork Boyz and the Nobz sprues. Painting will take my vision even further by adding strong sense of realism to the weathering on the miniatures and their bases.


Time to get back in action!!!


15 thoughts on “Hobby reboot 2015 – ORKS!!!

  1. Now that’s interesting! I have been an Ork Warlord myself for several years, and I concur on many of the things you said – I think GW got Orks pretty well at the beginning of 3rd ed, with a shift away from those gibberish-talking, ridiculous caricatures to something more brutal, dangerous and no-nonsense. I’d say the biggest influence in this has been Brian Nelson’s models and Andy Chamber’s spin on background and rules.

    Sadly, from then on GW has been steadily moving back to the “roots”, highlighting the laughable side over the feral one.

    So I will follow very closely what you’re up to with this project, certainly it sounds like you’re starting off in a promising direction.


  2. Having a sense of humour doesn’t necessarily equate with being “laughable”…

    I personally have always had a soft spot for the Paul Bonner/Kev Adams era orks – their cheerfully administred ultra-violence and sense of adventure was something refreshing and truly different in the gloomy 40k universe. We already have khorne if mindless bloodthirsty killing machines is your thing…

    That said I’m really looking forward to see some businesslike and no-nonsense ork kommandoz from you Mikko. I think you can strike the perfect balance between gritty and still not-too-serious.


    1. I do agree with you Jeff! Sense of humour is very important aspect with Orks. Its their anatomy that bugs me most:) I already started converting and I think I have found correct proportions using mixture of Nobz/Boyz parts;)


    2. Hehe, I am aware that the Ork background is a contentious issue. On this particular issue, I am not a big fan of the (usually) good old minis, like those http://gorkamorka.co.uk/modelling/the-life-of-brian/

      Many people seem to be fond of the old, parody-style Orks, but my reaction when Gorkamorka and 3rd edition Orks came out was “FINALLY!”

      But I think that is not the real topic here anyway, so let’s see what Mikko will come up with.

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      1. They only became a “parody” in 2nd edition. They sort of jumped the shark in that codex, exaggerating the clowny and colourful side.

        If you go back and read the extremely well written RT era sourcebooks like “Waaagh the orks” or “´Ere we Go” they´re much more nuanced.


  3. Very curious what your take on the Orks will be. The sculpting on some of the current orks are somewhat disappointing in my opinion. For example, the current plastic nobz are definitely not an improvement on the metal ones from ’99, especially the faces.

    Like Jeff, I’ve got a soft spot for Bonner’s orks


    1. @Nicklas so true! The current Nobz were big dissappointmen for me too:/ they lack all those fine details you could do on bigger models + poses are super clumsy:(
      Im forced to do lots of re-positioning and custom sculpting in order to get it right;)


  4. I have to echo was others here have said, Brian Nelson really made the Orks into a race that I was interested in with his sculpts for the 3rd edition (and the models he did for Gorkamorka beforehand). Seb Perbert has done a pretty good job of taking Nelson’s ideas and making newer Ork models, but none of his stuff has the same savagery as Nelson’s.


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