Imperial Assassins dispatched!


A long time ago in a distant corner of Northern Europe the original four Assassins arrived from their distinct templates with such finesse and flavor. I remember it ever so clearly and getting this box today was a walk down memory lane.

The new models are STUNNING. Easily amongst the very best “clamp pack” models GW has made. Curious to know who designed them. I would guess on some combination of Alex Hedstrom and Brian Nelson.

For me this is a shocking chance – gasp – to possible paint four unconverted models. I am trying to think back when I painted one without any custom monkey business and it must have been more than a decade a go and still I can’t think what that model might have been. It could be a welcome brake as I have been converting three count as Centurion creations of Iron Priests from FW myrmidons.

I’d like to end on a grateful note. Games Workshop has really been firing on all cylinders and a life time of hobby joy is just getting better. The Mechanicus range is incredible, so are the assassins and if we see Sisters of Battle later this year it would have been the best year in the history of the hobby.


3 thoughts on “Imperial Assassins dispatched!

  1. As for who sculpted them – I actually don’t know – but I’ll ask – there’s a stunning pool of new talent ……

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  2. I agree. I just recently began following your blog at a time when there are some really amazing releases. Can’t wait to see what you do with these. (Though, I do hope you do a little “monkey business.”)


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