Quick look at the progress with my Boyd-Ork Kommando


Everything you cold imagine that a Ork Kommando could need on a mission -Which is “lots ov’ bombz & trophiez”;)

I really think Im on a right path in nailing that certain Alex Boyd Ork-look now am I?

Plans for the next member of this “Speshul Mob” are made and already started converting him;) Only hint I can give to you guys is he will certainly carry enough dakka;)

photo 1 photo 2


13 thoughts on “Quick look at the progress with my Boyd-Ork Kommando

  1. The addition of well thought-out, carefully placed and detailed equipment adds to an already interesting model.


  2. Looking awesome, have to agree the gear piled up on his back is excellently done and adds a great deal to the overall success of the piece.


  3. Amazing work! Alex Boyds Orks are my favourite by far and you’ve done a wonderful job rendering one in 3D! Bravo, sir!


  4. Looks great Miko! I thought the naked ork looked a bit unbalanced in the first WIP but with the addition of the gear everything looks good. I can tell a lot of thought went into the placement of the gear. Will you convert the whole project to this standard?


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