Whirlwind Design

I thought I had a clear vision to move forward with my Red Corsair army project. Guess I was wrong. I got some bits from Mikko yesterday in a mail and had to work something out of them. After a quick blue tac session something may be useful was born…

Meet the Daemon Hunter Baccus, warped pariah, ex-Inquisitor(?), on his eternal hunt of his arch nemesis.


That’s not all folks. I had plenty of Dreadnought bits left after the amazing Invitational, so I thought to put some of the pieces together and add another member to my regular Chaos Space Marine warband – that being Lords of Decay mixed with the Children of Emperor. I’m using this small side project as an excuse to play with relaxed decaying and weathering effects.


We’ll see how things turn out.


6 thoughts on “Whirlwind Design

  1. I really like how Baccus is coming together. If I was to make one suggestion it would be to not have two mini shields on his left shoulder. I think it crowds it a little too much and he might need to lift up that bolt pistol at some point. Other than that, it’s an awesome model. I wish I had of thought about it 😛

    Awesome looking dread. It’s nice to see you with some new additions to your projects.


  2. One more time a beautiful conversion! But I also think that in has a small shield of excess there, but it remains a personal opinion. I am impatient to see it painted!


  3. I actually like the two shields. Its quirky and that’s what I like about 40k.

    Cool mini and I look forward to seeing him finished. What is the head from by the way?



  4. Like Peter I too am fond of the odd double shield design. It’s good to see the plague kings being used for inquisitors 🙂


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