Welcome Toni!


Summer is nearly over and with the approaching autumn comes the promise or re-engament on the hobby front. We have big news to share.

Mikko, Kari and myself got together this month in Helsinki, Finland. It was the first time all of us met at the same time and with mind boggling miniature goodness on display it was a pretty special occasion. Witnessing the shared aesthetic in real life under daylight made it very clear just how much similarities our distinct styles share.

Ever since the invitational we have been planning on invitingour very talented friend and artist Toni to become the fourth Iron Sleeter and it is our utmost pleasure to share that he is joining the gang. Toni a fellow Finn and designer produces miniatures crafted from the same bloodline of finnishness, a mix of scandinavian austere grim dark and a slavic crude force of nature.

Expect a proper intro from him with some new models we saw that are absolutely stunning. But until then, here’s a sample from his invitational.


We have some exciting plans for the autumn. Individual and shared.



7 thoughts on “Welcome Toni!

  1. One more crazy Finn 🙂

    Welcome as a fully fledged Sleeter Toni. A well-deserved and clever move! I look forward to see more of your excellent work on Iron Sleet.


  2. Is it that icy countenance or the unnerving northern education system – very impressive stuff whatever – Thomas who penned mordheim is Finnish as well …..

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  3. Cheers guys! I will put the Iron Sleet ios photography methods to good use today… It’s gonna be a wild ride! Hoping I will prove to be a worthy cog in this engine of war.

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