Blind Faith, Part I

After the Invitational I’ve had tremendous fun with the hobby. The habit of imagining characters and conflicts on faraway worlds gives a sense of depth and madness to the semi-regular meditation practiced amid plastic, putty and paint. I will write a proper introduction later, but now I must share the deluded visions brought forth by cyanoacrylate fumes and realized in full color!

“How lovely are the portals of the night, when stars come out to watch the daylight die.”

-Thomas Cole

The story begins on a forsaken desert planet. Not long ago it was one of the first maintenance outposts in the Great Crusade, but without significant tactical importance it was soon left licking its environmental wounds caused by the astounding war machines of the imperial fleet. A dry planet emptied of nearly all life, only root farmers and techno-barbarians were left to populate its rocky landscapes.

IMG_9601 copy (1)Ictus Koper and the Prophet on horseback

Ictus Koper, root farmer, dealer of illegal weapons and a relentless survivor. He is approaching his fifth decade but already grey-bearded and weary. In a hazy night of storms and headaches, he offered a shelter to the blind man behind the door. Strange black ships were in orbit and bad omens abound. Little did Ictus know how opening the door would forever seal his fate.

IMG_9607 copy (1)Calligraphus, Boulder, Ictus Koper, and the Rogue Enforcer

While on the run from the Astra Telepathica, Ictus and the Prophet were captured by Arbites enforcer Gavius 455, and his retinue. Gavius 455 was on a mission to become unique, as witnessed by the now-beheaded Gavius 82. But soon after their capture something inexplicably changed the stern officer. Though Ictus still won’t trust any of them.

IMG_9605 copy (1)The Void Vehicle

It is still not clear how, but they were able to harness Ictus’s illegal weapons dealing network, and build something from the ancient times. At least a dozen servitors perished. Not a single soul survived the build process. And there was a smile on the old man’s face, although his words did not make any sense at all. Capable of opening a corridor to another world, the Void Vehicle requires serious power to ignite, and has not been used for its stated purpose yet..

IMG_9613 copy (1)The False Prophet and Tech-worshippers
A barbarian tribe took Ictus and Calligraphus as prisoners while they were on a supply run. Ictus was able to convince their leader that in exchange for his life they get control of the Void Vehicle. Not only would that have been impossible for the barbaric priest, upon confrontation of the real Prophet he immediately recognized true greatness and plegded the whole tribe for their cause.
IMG_9614 copy (1)

Now, pursued by the Astra Telepathica, Ictus and the Prophet seem to have mustered a small semi-militant force. All they need to escape is a reactor of sufficient size, to ignite the Void Vehicle…


16 thoughts on “Blind Faith, Part I

  1. Beautiful and odd. So many interesting hints and pieces.

    And the fantastic miniatures are really a worthy opening entry.


  2. Amazing! Your stuff works so well in concert with Mikko, Kari and Migs stuff. Same dark mindset and aestethic – only with a dash of colour!


    1. Yes! The somewhat uniform appearance of the pieces was very surprising to witness two weeks ago when we met with the gang. Seeing individual styles get more profound will be interesting in the coming years.


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