Summer is officially over

Which always feels like the start of a new year for the hobby! Autumn is great for digesting ideas and observing new kinds of visuals. After the extremely loud and bright summer, life somehow becomes HD, and it’s possible to notice subtleties again. And then you go shopping not knowing if you’re feeling subtle or blatant so you kind of go with both…

See you on the other side.


3 thoughts on “Summer is officially over

  1. The board game is great fun. I really cant recommend it enough for some coop amusement. The AI is random enough that you get some weird and good effects. Look forward to seeing your assassins. What knight will you build?


    1. Yeah, tried the board game briefly and it seemed really entertaining. Properly painted characters and moody music should elevate the experience to new heights. Terrain might be too much of a stretch time-wise. For now.
      I’m looking at magnetizing the knight for maximum choice, but the gatling cannon will probably get most of the attention..


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