Vlka Fenryka – Fenrys Stirring

Long summer winding towards darker evenings and hobby wise even in California.

It’s been quite the drought. Age of Sigmar was the first ever Games Workshop product that completely missed the mark with me. Somehow the end of Warhammer hit a nerve and I lost all interest in the hobby for a while. Summers I’ve always dedicated to outdoors and books and beaches, but this time it was different. Maybe it was the contrast from such an utterly incredible Mechanicus release?

But then thankfully Fenrys started whispering at first, Kari sent ancient gobbos calling, Mikko worked his putty magic and Toni joined, …and it’s coming back.

I finished the Iron Myrmidons, “count as Centurions” and their Iron Priest today – sole focus now to finish the 1850pts list and when these are painted, I think it’s just the vehicles! Missing in the picture is a few optical domes to some of the extra limbs.



5 thoughts on “Vlka Fenryka – Fenrys Stirring

  1. Great to see you are back to converting and modelling again! Your Iron Myrmidons look fantastic. They look much more appropriate than the stock Centurions Games Workshop produces. I like the little shoulder mounted machine pistols on some of them.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks Adam. Trying to airbrush the base colors on these guys today and then have full army pics later this week. This army is essentially now “ready for gaming” but with the vehicles and these new additions still needing the final brush work. I’m really thinking it’s time to start something totally. New. Even with the long summer brake, finishing a 2000pt army to this level in a year is still a complete mystery to me. How did that happen between real life…


  2. It is excellent to have you back! I have missed seeing your thoughtful conversions. Your Centurions are looking quite good, much more interesting and exciting then the stock models. I really like how you have included a host of the new Skitarri parts on them. The stub carbines and claws have a nice mechanicum feel to them, which adds to their creepy aesthetic.


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