Vlka Fenryka – WIP Iron Martians

Nothing much to see, but some how proof of progress after 4 months of summer hobbies seems like a big deal. Oil washes just going in, then sealing up the models with a mix of Johnson Klear and Tamiya flat. Then on to metallics which is a lot of gear, cables and arcane tehnomata. I paint the metallics after varnish for maximum oomph and matte to glossy contrast that has really worked with this project.

On the back ground, More Iron thralls and another Iron Priest inside their glass dome stasis, and a primed Eversor await.



4 thoughts on “Vlka Fenryka – WIP Iron Martians

  1. Stunning stuff, definitely going to follow this with keen interest. I agree with Wudugast about the chaps in the background as well.


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