Vlka Fenryka – One year in the Aett!

One Year on Fenrys.

What started as a birthday spin off – two fun models to on the side – in the era of modeling for me where I thought I’d never be able to do a full army again, has turned into a very tangible, 2000 pts vision statement.

Quite honestly I am still dumbfounded how this came to be. Or how much I’ve enjoyed it. Or just how different the style and finish is to Legion models, while still being recognizably my work. I’ve been able to enjoy Forge World’s and Games Workshop’s very finest models. I’ve learned to use an airbrush, and oil paints. I returned to black primer. And fell in love with Scale 75 metallic paints.

A really large part of making this project happen has been all of you guys! The support and enthusiasm in so many online medias has been great fuel along the way. Thank you. I also need to recognize Blacklibrary, Adbnett and Wraight for their respective Vlka Fenryka tomes that gave enough fresh leeway for me to take the existing Sky Warrior mythos, imagery and vocabulary and run with it to a fresh (or chilling?) direction. My friends in Nottingham, I salute and thank you once again. My Iron Sleet brethren – Vitun kova meno!

What comes next? Well I still have a dozen or so infantry and 5 vehicles to finish painting. I still vividly dream of getting into gaming. But perhaps most importantly from your perspective, I am thinking about what to do next. Wish it could be single models and a humble little team. Maybe it is a return to Mont’ka. Only thing certain is that it’s time to mix up the rules again. Fundamentally.

For Russ! Fenrys Hjolda!!!

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2


8 thoughts on “Vlka Fenryka – One year in the Aett!

    1. Quick question. I may just be remembering wrong here but wasn’t the idea of this army that they are the lost 13th company? Lost in the warp and twisted, mutated etc. I really liked that story and the first models really showed that. However the final army has drop pods and flyers? Surely if you have drop pods you have some massive space station and therefore aren’t lost?
      Apart from that the army looks great, as above, look forward to some colour, never a fan of the black and white teaser shot.
      Thanks for sharing, have really enjoyed watching the army grow etc. Look forward to your next project 🙂


      1. The storyline is to have one of the great companies return with member of the 13th, and a head in a jar. More of which when everything is ready 🙂


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