WIP Wednesday

The cannon and the fodder.

Continuing in the tradition that Mikko started a month back, I’m pushing WIP Wednesday to become a regular thing. Today with a freeblade knight and a flock of chaos cultists. These guys are very much airbrush exercises currently, but hopefully next week will see all finished. The knight is the first one where I used masking really as it should, and the chaos cultists will be an exercise in swift painting methods.

It is notable how well the skitarii, flagellant, tempestus scions, and forgeworld cultist sets mix. There was no need for greenstuff, and the characters became a ragged bunch of believable but slightly odd eccentrics. But anyway, the knight will be the main focus and actually a chance to learn something new. Will be published with an interesting array of reference pictures.. And hopefully will coincide with the launch of the Freeblade iOS game later this month!



10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

    1. I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to knights, so I had to compensate and get the crusader box. It really is one of the most enjoyable ones to assemble, and there is tremendous variety to choose from. Even cutting up and reposing both of the legs wasn’t as hard as I had feared.

      I’m going for a 50s american street rod inspired red and celadon theme. The cultists will be a dry desert / blood posse..

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    1. Cheers mate! There’s a big motivation to finish them swiftly and jump on to the next thing. There’s been so much buzz on the blog!


  1. Very nice – will be interested to see how you speed paint the cultists, I have a platoon of Tallarn to get through in desert colours, been putting them off for ages :-/


  2. So we have a WIP Wednesday going on, eh? Totally missed this one, probably along with many others. Got get myself back in the line.

    Anyways, the big fellow is getting better and better. I really like the pose of it very much, it is something I haven’t seen done on these things before – not like I have been following the scene that closely recently anyways. The head is in align with the six-barrel and makes it look like the thing look like it is after something.

    The cultists seem to be coming along very well too.


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