+ Illuminati Aquila + Solem Deum +

+++Pious Honorius+++

+ Consilio et animi + By wisdom and courage +


In Death the duty begins

The first time I saw my master, I was blinded. We had had the renegades cornered when the Warp bled on to Terra. 

Terran joint security forces, ambushed the “Oracle” on a termination mission. Arbites had cordoned off entire had blocks around the chapel and the Arbites elite moved in with Ministorum militia purifiers and us, the Valais Guard. I had seen several esoteric agents that could be Ordos or Noblitae security administrators.

Fighting was fierce, but the assault used overwhelming force and was extremely co-ordinated. Our section was the first to have eyes on “Oracle” as we broke in the northern isle of the Cruficae. I put two clean shots through the head of him as the section swept forward left and right to engage the renegades. Unfortunately, the Oracle stood standing, most of its head missing for what felt like a life time, staring at me with the eyes it no longer had. 

Then he exploded in a shower of gore and evil and a spawn from the immaterium stood in his place. With a casual flick of something it killed four of us. I kept shooting. I think the others may have run. It would be all over soon. I vomited blood and vent for a fresh clip of helplessness. 


Then the wall parted, and a miniature sun entered, it was blazing fast, orbiting around a field of more light in controlled, devastating arcs of death. All evil died in the flight of the sun, the giant spawn was ripped back to warp in several barely visible for their speed swings. Then the sun died too, and only a massive golden angel stood there. From a headless man to hell, to heaven, in a few heartbeats. 

I blinked, then closed my eyes and saw no more nor less than before. The angel grabbed my shoulder and pulled me along as I stumbled blind through the wreckage towards the sun’s birthplace in the wall. The ghost of the sun still swung in my retinas. 

As we made our way through the massive chapel, my eyes sight slowly recovered. The giant was everything but an angel. Giant, gloriously golden and definitely Ordos. 

We got out. Through the main doors, wide enough to drive a Leman russ through and impossibly high. A gleaming air craft waited on the square, its thrusters blazing and scorching the ancient marble beneath. Its beak was open, and the Ordo Lord walked towards it. He noticed my hesitation and turned around for the first time.

You will come with me.

He was the most golden, regal, imperial warrior. What I imagined a Custodian would be in flesh, but his eyes… Nothing. Two black orbs, possessing the most unnerving hollowness, as if his head was filled with nothing but the darkest night.

My legs followed him in the maw of an interstellar eagle. I died that day, at the chapel, like everyone else who went in. Ten millennia of worship and architectural marvel also vanished in a searing lance of white death from the heavens.

The Emperor Protects.





Established & Sons

Lord Pelagius and Interrogator Oswald are finished. Serious metallic photographic challenges have been somewhat solved to get a respectable representation of reality.

Somehow in this post all of the past years with the hobby come together. My childlike love and curiosity for these worlds, dedication and hunger to explore and meticulous attention to detail. All the way to being able to use my duster as a back drop for the pictures as it is so very pretty.

I missed the “WIP Wednesday”, but atleast get to show some good progress on the Celeres pattern Sentinel.

“The Celeres pattern Sentinel automaton is a terran miracle and a stable workhorse of several elite Ecclesiarchy Armories. Extremely agile and able to be outfitted with Heavy Stubbers or close combat tools.”

I also present to you with a WIP of the HHH. Corporal Cornelius Rickendorf, Valais Guard. A humble conversion with two of the best human kits in existence Mechanicus Infantry and Empire great swords.He has since found a fitting bretonnian head and a modified back pack.

And ideas for the two remaining bases that will have three! miniatures on them are quite evolved in my head and bits box now. I will write a story for all the henchmen too.




5 thoughts on “+ Illuminati Aquila + Solem Deum +

  1. I can so relate to the photographic challenges.. But they look badass! Oswald’s coat is probably my favourite detail, and I can feel a sting for not adding some stripes for my own enforcer’s loin cloth.. The inquisitors darker side is also super compelling, (bolt pistol casing!!) and looks as though the techniques and colors employed there will be a signature of this project. Dark, cold, dirty golden splendour. I love it!
    Thinking about ordering those metallic paints soon…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To make the gold look any better you would actually have to coat them in gold leaves. I really need to get my hand on those paints one day or another.

    The choice to use an extreme detailed FW body as a basis for the Lord Pelagius along with a fantastic Grey Knight head, a great combination of simple yet effective bits and a superb base just enough details to not to compete with the focus point makes him absolutely one of the best representatives of your uncompromising style. The most intriguing stuff is on the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Kari. Good to get your feedback and support. Big disclaimer to the amazing Scale 75 paints is, that this effect started with tamiya silver base coat, vallejo model gold airbrushed, and then scale75, inks and finally umbral silver. That is the key to the brightness and reflectivity. Having said that I still swear by those metal paints and they do a “metal alchemy” paint set that has like a dozen of incredible metallic paint I’ve used all around the wolves, the solitaire and here.

      Liked by 1 person

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