The second Black Librarian – WIP

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The second habitant of the Black Library is an actual book keeper. Guardian of truth and singer of wraith-bone.  One of the more complex conversions I’ve ever done, I want to build a bizarre, ancient, Eldritch thing that is one with the library, very elder and distinctly eldar, but somehow also able to interact with tomes and artifacts of lesser races stored in the Library. He has taken the Path of Blackness, a rare and completely secret side of Path of Shaping.

“Path of Shaping – The Path of Shaping is a specialisation of the Path of the Artisan, closely linked to the Path of the Seer. It is undertaken by those Eldar who become Bonesingers, the skilled artisans who are part psyker, part artist and part engineer. Bonesingers train their innate psychic powers to create and mend all of the constructs of Wraithbone used by the Eldar. Wraithbone is a soldified substance crafted out of the psychic energy of the Warp that is the primary substance used to construct almost all Eldar edifices, artifacts and starships.” (source)

Rules wise, I think he will be a count as Shadow Seer – not much other options, and really it doesn’t matter at all…




14 thoughts on “The second Black Librarian – WIP

    1. Thanks. I carefully considered it and noticed many clear similarities with Mechanicum and DE designs in particular. From the beginning I decided my eldar would be a combination of Eldar and Dark Eldar aesthetic anyway, as I see them obviously being jing and jang of one and the same core and the librarians definitely embody the full spectrum of being an Eldar.


    1. Thanks. He is big yes, I imagine the “tentacles” and ancient claws and constructions carrying him being able to spread wide or grow tall. The seer has sung a wraithbone exoskeleton for himself that has fused into him over the millennia.

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  1. Fantastically sinister, yet solemn.

    In all of my hobby years, I’ve never done anything Eldar aside from the original boxed set of Harlequins back in the day, so anytime I see an interesting Eldar project it simultaneously makes me nervous of their unfamiliar shapes, and makes me want to do something with them.

    “Rules wise, I think he will be a count as Shadow Seer – not much other options, and really it doesn’t matter at all…”

    This sums up my own approach to the hobby these days, and why I love all of the hobbyists I follow. Story above all, and having fun with the possibilities rather than the absolutes.

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    1. Thanks Odie! The Eldar definitely deserve some loving. The combined De and Eldar range coupled with all the fantasy elf kits makes for really rich conversions if you let go of the overly defined and archetypical Eldar imagery. If you think of all the different paths of Eldar living in a craft world, it’s just as rich as Inquismunda 🙂 In my head at least.


      1. I couldn’t agree more, which is why I always love seeing people do interesting things with Eldar. My main hangup with them is that since I’ve never played around with them myself, their forms are (appropriately) alien to me. I probably just need to bite the bullet, and give them a try sometime.


  2. This conversion is awesome. The beauty, of course, is that in rotating the Dominus’ torso you have still retained the details that made the body so interesting (creepy little legs, cables, tattered robe) while creating a tall, regal figure where the Dominus was hunch-backed. Also I find the flowing robe makes much more sense this way. I’ll have to try and rotate my Dominus if I ever get one. I’d be interested in seeing more WIP shots (in color and b&w) from different angles as this build progresses. Well done.

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  3. I really like this, Migs. Interesting silhouette and great use of bits. I really like the stripped down helm, but have you thought about maybe giving him some antlers? I can’t help but associate them with Bonesingers and it might lend the miniature an air of (even further) oddity. Maybe the ones from the Wood Elf Stag Riders, so they stay delicate.


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