Thank You Miklu for beign such a endless source of energy and inspiration;)

Bought the new Box and it marks the birth of a new project, no idea where exactly  it will take me yet,  but I promise you that no one have never seen the Sixteenth presented in such splendor!







8 thoughts on “16th

    1. Challence accepted;)!!!
      Im looking for to experiment with different blacks. Matt and gloss finish. Also, Migsula has done amazing job with his metallics so that is another area Im deffinitely looking to study:)

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      1. I think as long as you avoid generic evil but retain that old LW/SoH martial pride in the miniatures and create depth with the limited palette it can really turn into something we’ve not seen yet 🙂


      2. One thing that just struck me is shame. Would it be too far fetched to think that they feel ashamed? Yes the martial pride and heritage of LW/SoH but still the loss of Horus must still be a factor in this legion. I don’t know how this could potentially be included it just came to mind and I felt like voicing it.

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    2. Shame definitely as that is why they repainted their armour, but bitterness is a trait present more so I believe. The Black Legion get a lot of chaff for being the Chaotic equivalent of the Ultramarines tabletop wise but this is solely due to their acceptance of Chaos Undivided allowing you to field anything. Background wise losing their father in his climactic moment and the cloning attempts of said father by other legions definitely took a massive toll on their psyche as a whole. Their decision to after the heresy pay the Blood Angels a personal visit solely to humiliate them and not allow them to retrieve their dead is the only act I can think of that gets close to the bitterness of Perturabo’s Iron Cage.

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  1. Tommy is kinda right – all the more wonderful opportunity to create something earth shatteringly cool and different. I’m so close to returning to Fenris. Been painting the Vehicles slowly but surely between things, and it is the one project that overall gives me most satisfaction. I have bits sorted for like 15 other characters for the project anyway. And that Horus Heresy box and some different plastic terminator legs to play with. HJOLDA!

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  2. Maybe read Talon of Horus first…….The Black Legion are not as we had been led to believe…..The Sons of Horus are truly no more……..


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