Illuminati Aquila – quick WIP

Still ways to go. The metallics take a ton of patience to tone without losing the dynamic range and bright highlights. 



6 thoughts on “Illuminati Aquila – quick WIP

  1. Loving the cloth-clad servo skull! Making those little buggers as models was a great move by GW. They are so strong icons for tying our hobby creations into the BIG imagery.

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  2. I can’t wait to see them finished up. I’ve really been enjoying the toned down look of your last few models since I saw them over at the AB.

    When I saw it I thought that Cloaked Servo-skull looked familiar but couldn’t put my finger on it right away.
    Wouldn’t happen to be a 40kified version of one of Ana’s Custodian Spirits would it?

    Either way man it’s spot on.

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