Shadowseer by Jakob Nielsen

A true surprise when this appeared in the inbox.

I have been admiring the multiple Slayer Sword wielding veteran dane’s brushwork ever since opening my first White Dwarf. Last year Jakob’s Eldar in the Invitational and recently in his blog have certainly affected our own xenos endeavours. It’s utterly thrilling to share now in plain images how this hobby is a shared discussion through time and space.

Just take a look at the work linked above, then at the Black Librarian by Migs and the High Avatar by Kari.

And now, finally, the stunningly atmospheric vision from Jakob:





“This is the direction I wanted my eldar to go in the first place. Trying to achive a kind of magical texture. Something akind to stroposcopic light. But my choice of craftworld colours worked against it in the beginning taking a classic turn which did seem cool at the time. However, doing the technically clean Farseer in magical and dark colour formed the path, and now – doing the Shadow Seer – I think it is just about there. A little touch of technical stuff (checked leggings), a good combo of colours, and a vivid and agressive touch of contrast and sponged-on randomness.



7 thoughts on “Shadowseer by Jakob Nielsen

  1. Holy sweet mother! That is a beauty Jakob. A completely different path than the classic JRN-style – for the better this time around. The atmosphere, tone and impact is simple yet stunningly beautiful. I like how he seems to appear from the darkness of the void. A good one!


  2. Jakob this is stunning. Totally blows my mind. I adore what you have done with the sponge, I find it hard to fathom how you have managed to make that randomness fit so harmoniously with the rest of the figure. This mini is going to inspire the next lot I create and I will try to master the random sponge technique.

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