Imperial Knight

A quick post-Christmas update.

I’ve been toiling away at this fella with just a few brushes and 10 pots of paint that I could fit in my carry-on luggage for the holidays. To finish him I still need to get back to my airbrush and full paint range, which isn’t happening for the next two weeks. Proper narrative unveiling to come when he is fully finished..

In the meantime, enjoy the 95% finished knight 🙂

IMG_1040 copyIMG_1038 copyIMG_1036 copyIMG_1037 copy


20 thoughts on “Imperial Knight

    1. Thank you! The cluster of purity seals felt especially right after gluing them in. Sometimes you just get those “why didn’t I think of this years ago?” moments.

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    1. Cheers. I studied some other walkers closely, including yours, as well as some medieval liveries. The void vehicle feels like a ghost of the past!


  1. I think the colour scheme is lovely. I especially like the the asymmetry that the red cogged stripe adds to it. My only critique is that the weathering looks a bit simplistic, almost a bit crude, but that might be because of your limited palette. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the finished model.


    1. That is exactly the case. Realised halfway through the process how dependent I’ve become of forgeworld powders and the airbrush.


      1. I forgot to mention that I really like how you replaced the “salt shakers” with the fine mesh. I’ll definitely steal that idea if I build a knight some day.

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  2. That’s a very striking scheme there! Is that a grey or green, hard to tell! What were the two paints you used if you don’t mind me asking? I can imagine Skitarii, Militarum Tempestus or Solar Auxilia would look excellent in those colours too. Thanks – great painting!


    1. The whole knight was first airbrushed with a shade of bluish grey on black undercoat and then shaded with a mix of bone and green. I usually do successive different vaguely colored layers to have a rich grey base color. It’s then easy to bend into whatever color in the final phase. The risk is ending up too grey though..


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