The Pilgrym – 2nd Character Concept


Here’s a concept for the next character in my noble Imperial family. I did the pencil work for this guy last Summer and kind of forgot him. While I was browsing my archives, the drawing popped out and I thought “hey, this character might fit very well in this project”.

I have yet to figure out what his purpose will be in the family. I thought he might be a member of the uncle’s retinue, who are escorting the family to the temple. Migs suggested that if I strip off the Inquisitorial symbols from his outfit, he might well be a head of the family guard. That doesn’t sound bad at all!

For the closure I would like to ask you a favour. This fellow has no name yet, neither a title, so if you have time, please feel free to give your suggestions in the comment section. The most fitting will be chosen. Cheers!




21 thoughts on “The Pilgrym – 2nd Character Concept

  1. Wow, love the sense of weight and power.
    How about, Oathkeeper Urzon?

    Perhaps as Oathkeeper it’s his job to punish those who break their treaties and oaths to his master. And Urzon to suggest his bear-like stature.

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    1. Ooh, that could be cool! And combined with the removed Inquisition stuff, he could perhaps be more of a Ecclesiarchy figure. Can’t help but think of some big scary Orthodox Priest…


      1. I like the mix of the title as in manservant combined with the brutish nature of his appearance reflected in his name which coincidentally fits what you’re working on in my opinion 🙂


  2. “Adsum” Levit Aaronic

    “Adsum” is a lesser honorific given to those that have walked the pilgrimage to terra on the ordained path and is chosen to lead others along the path.

    – I’m envisioning a confessor/nomadic preacher who enforces the steps to terra. At each location a specific rite or action must be completed. For instance the silent stairs must be ascended by crawling up the flight of stairs on your hands and knees while silently mouthing the benediction to the emperor. If a single sound is made, the journey must start over again. And an “Adsum” is there to assist with descending.


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  3. I have a suggestion for a name and title, he looks like a Wolfgang to me, with the beard and moustache, and since he seems to be grossly overweight, the Mammothine.

    Honestly, your sketches are a major source of inspiration for some of my own, really cool.

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  4. Kari – I’m just massively impressed how your saw a priest in that miniature! I saw nothing but nurglii’s rot and blubber.

    As always your drawings are beautifully rendered, with a brimful of character and ideas.

    I think Helbuck’s idea is just perfect for this character’s image “Adsum” Levit Aaronic suits him perfectly. It also means that the =][= symbols can be simply modified to ][ symbols of the Eccliesiarchy.

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